Locky Gilbert has done an interview talking about The Bachelor winner. He wants you to know one thing….

Locky Gilbert has done an interview talking about The Bachelor winner. He wants you to know one thing….
The Bachelor
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Locky Gilbert wants you know he is ‘110,000%’ still with the winner of The Bachelor. That was him who used that statistic btw, not us.

Speaking to TV Week on Monday, the former Survivor star couldn’t wipe the smile off his face while gushing over his chosen lady.

Here’s what he said about finally being able to go public with her after Thursday’s finale:

‘Excited is an understatement. I cannot wait. I am beyond excited to be able to finally say it out loud … who I have chosen to spend the rest of my life with. I’m so happy and all I want to do is tell people how great she is.’

Locky wants you to know he is '110,000%' with The Bachelor winner
Locky wants you to know he is ‘110,000%’ with The Bachelor winner

As you all know, we’re convinced Irena Srbinovska is the winner of the Channel 10 dating show.

A single picture of her car (click here for that article) in Melbourne last week all but confirmed this theory.

We also interviewed her brother Igor on Sunday (click here to read), who talked about Locky joining their family.

And lastly, these pictures of Bella Varelis and Bec Cvilikas (click here to see the gallery) out in Sydney several days ago suggest that neither of them win.

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14 Responses

  1. The show is over, so why is this old article even on here.
    Bella who started off pretending to be nice and turned nasty. Truth be known, it’s all in the pictures of Irena and Locky online. There’s a lot of love. They look so happy. I think some of the contestants may have been genuine but. Irena is the most obvious choice. 👌🌹
    Locky, ignore the haters. You are a pretty cool guy from what the larger percentage of Australians can see. You were loved on survivor and loved as is Irena now. All the best with your relationship mate.

  2. When Bella told Locky she loved him he said ‘I hope you know how i feel too’. They held each other with more emotion than any of the other girls. And then it looked like Locky had to say Irena first tonight on the rose ceremony just to make it appear he chooses her – because he asked Bella if she was ok and said something else that made it seem like he was forced to pick Irena first so that Bella would feel insecure on tv. I think its very clear that Bella is the winner but we only see 2 hours a week so who knows

  3. Personally l believe Izzy would be a great match for Locky. Certainly, we haven’t seen the usual amount of reel footage we generally see at this stage of the competition of her as a main contender, but ‘what a Sweetheart she is’. Irena appears to me as ‘the one’ …. & Bella has come off as ‘a nasty piece of Woman Hood’!
    Overall, it’s the worst Season of The Bachelor ever.
    Shame Producers….shame on you!!
    Whatever transpires: wishing you’all the ♥️ in the World Izzy 🌹’.

  4. Is obvious that Loki is an immature man with a big ego, really superficial and with Irena if she win has that he deserved.
    He is no an authentic person without principles. The worse season ever.

  5. I think it is very clear that it’s Bella so very obvious just the way he looks at her and hugs and holds her.
    Bella all the way.

  6. Worst season ever. He’s so immature like a kid in a candy shop. He just seemed to fall for them all so quickly! The women were so OTT bitchy. Imagine being the employer of some of them. How embarrassing for their business!

  7. Its a shame CBS took over channel ten driving the superficial component,perhaps we can rename show the Bitchelor,certainly Bella has been shown as Brutta on the inside,but in the end all the people who are now influencers is rather sad,boring and predictable. Australia needs authentic

  8. I for one will be delighted if Irena is the winner. Bella turned out to be just another floozie after having us all fooled at the start. So good riddance to her, hopefully!! Apart from Irena most of the contestants were your average, egotistical , empty headed, vain insta hussies. At least Irena appeared to have some common sense and a brain so that was a plus for sure. Locky may have a pretty good bod but I find him a bit lame and slightly too effeminate. If Irena isn’t the winner, well no worries, she could do better anyway.

  9. Agree HO HUM worse bachelor season which thought it could not be possible after the forgettable Bachelor who had curly hair and bad moustache.

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