Abbie Chatfield is killing it.

Since appearing on The Bachelor in 2019, not only has she completely reinvented the usual post-show ‘reality star’ influencer route, but she’s already reaping the rewards of all of her hard work.

According to The Daily Telegraph, the 26-year-old has just dropped $1.4m on a cottage in the Byron Bay Hinterland, described as a ‘private retreat’.

Abbie recently reflected on her incredible success since appearing on The Bachelor on TikTok.

‘I had this hideous man one time as he was yelling at me for literally no reason say, “Do something with your fucking life”,’ she began.

I’m doing a few things, babe. I called my agent the next day and they’re all like, what more can we do? What more can we do with your life? You have a podcast, you’re hosting a TV show, you won a national TV show, you have a very big Instagram following for Australia which makes you a decent amount of money. You also have a book deal, a TikTok account that’s going pretty well.’

If that wasn’t enough, Abbie also has her own sex toy range which she forgot to mention above.

The list is literally endless.

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