An ultimate guide to the Married At First Sight ‘All-Stars’ reunion, including spoilers and drama

An ultimate guide to the Married At First Sight ‘All-Stars’ reunion, including spoilers and drama
Married At First Sight
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Warning: This article contains spoilers

The Married At First Sight ‘All-Stars’ reunion isn’t expected to air on Channel Nine until late January, which, if you ask us, is quite a long time to wait.

So we thought we’d just let you know everything we’ve been told that happened during filming right now instead, plus everything we’ve been told about the spin-off as a whole, in case you’re as impatient as we are. You’re welcome.

  • The whole thing was a last min decision, with the cast given a few days notice
  • Many people declined, with some ‘requesting ridiculous amounts of money’
  • The cast were all paid to return to the show, with their fees revealed in this article here
  • Jules Robinson tells us her and Cameron Merchant turned it down as they wanted to stay home with their newborn baby
  • No one from this year’s season were invited, excluding Elizabeth and Seb
  • Our source tells us that producers purposely did this as this year’s cast ‘didn’t connect with viewers like previous seasons’
  • It’s believed the whole idea of the reunion is to get people hyped about the show again, as this year was ‘a bit of a flop’
  • The reunion is split into two parts, a dinner party on the first night and then a big sit down with the experts the day after
  • It’s expected to air towards the end of January, ahead of the season eight launch
  • Click here to see the full reunion cast list
  • Filming for the dinner party was delayed by almost two hours after the cast all started arguing and going rogue on Instagram
  • The cast were split up into different hotels, with chaperones patrolling to check none of them slipped out
  • Cyrell threatened violence against Jessika Power on Instagram prior to filming
  • Nasser hired his own bodyguard, but wasn’t allowed to take his security onto set
  • Jo McPharlin and Troy Delmege were the first to arrive at the dinner party
  • Cyrell was the last to arrive, with producers holding her back for maximum impact
  • Dean Wells attempted to confront Ryan Gallagher over their fall out last year, but producers fizzled that out
  • Pregnant Tracey Jewel was anxious about seeing Nasser Sultan again, after he’s said so many ‘hurtful’ things about her
  • Nasser clashed with almost everybody, and was branded ‘Australia’s biggest troll’ by most of the cast
  • He quit the reunion following a huge fight with Cyrell and went home sulking
  • Elizabeth Sobinoff and Seb Guilhaus were two of the only people to defend Nasser, saying he ‘just loves the media and attention’
  • Cyrell and Jessika had a private chat, which resulted in Cyrell apparently throwing wine over Jessika
  • It’s believed Cyrell flipped out accusing Jessika of once saying ‘she only got pregnant to stay relevant’
  • Jessika left the shoot in tears and was unsure if she’d return for the second night
  • Sam Ball was rumoured to make an appearance, but this didn’t happen
  • Nasser told us ‘producers begged him’ to return for the second night, after initially refusing to go back
  • A Current Affair were on set for the second night and interviewed the cast one-by-one
  • Nasser compared himself to Princess Diana, we have no idea why
  • Jessika decided to attend despite her doubts
  • We’re told Nasser comes off ‘worse than ever’ and did nothing to redeem himself

Since first publishing this article we’ve been provided with even more information, here’s what else we know:

  • Nasser and Ines formed an unlikely friendship
  • Martha was accused of having fake Instagram followers by people, which isn’t true
  • Martha was apparently told she had to do the ‘All-Stars’ reunion to drum up publicity for her appearance on Celebrity Apprentice
  • Jess and Ines had a fall out, after Ines called her out in front of every body
  • This is also what contributed to her tears on night one
  • Dean Wells apparently took a bit of a shine to Ines
  • But Ines liked somebody else there, click here for that weird love triangle 
  • The sit down with the experts was ‘pretty boring and tame’ according to our insider
  • Only half of the contestants got time sat in front of the experts

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6 Responses

  1. It was Martha who threw wine on Cyrell on MAFS, so why is Cyrell taking it out on Jessika?
    Cyrells a mother now and should grow heck up. She’s nothing but a biatch. No correction, I’m going to say the actual word instead if being polite. Cyrell is a BITCH!
    * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * *
    Jessika is a sweetheart and doesn’t deserve all this abuse, no one does. The producers should look after the mental health of these MAFS stars first and foremost, then look at how all the drama will increase ratings.

    As for Cyrell, her violent threats towards Jessika and Nasser, (as much as I don’t like him), should not be condoned and put on air. Those scenes should be edited out. She’s trying to look tough. It’s not looking tough from where I’m looking, it’s childish, bully behaviour that’s not accepted in our country.

    So many young Australians are watching and reading these abusive violent rants from Cyrell and it’s shameful to say the least that Cyrell is getting away with this kind of behaviour. She should be thrown of the set and her contract should be null and void for being physically and emotionally abusive towards others.

    Who will want to watch if this is what’s going on.
    We all want to watch to see how everyone is progressing outside the project and to see who has lasted and who has been married in real life with kids etc. Would Cyrell want her son to watch his mother being so violently abusive and physical throwing stuff at other people instead of using her words? He’s going to think it’s ok to behave like that and she’ll end up with a problem child on her hands. It’s time Cyrell starts acting her age and being a good mother, partner, and human being.

    1. 100% aggreed. No one deserves to be bullied into tears. Cyrell is such a hypocrite and is the biggest bully of them all.

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