Cyrell Paule has just taken a massive swipe at Jessika Power ahead of the MAFS’ ‘All-Stars’ reunion

Cyrell Paule has just taken a massive swipe at Jessika Power ahead of the MAFS’ ‘All-Stars’ reunion
Married At First Sight
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Married At First Sight’s Cyrell Paule lashed out at Jessika Power on Instagram on Tuesday afternoon, hours before they reunited to film the ‘All-Stars’ special.

The bad blood began on Tuesday when Jessika told The Wash: ‘It’s been two years now, hopefully Cyrell has matured a little bit. I have. She’s got a baby now.’

Cyrell later responded on Instagram, sharing this lengthy rant below:

‘Let’s get one thing straight… just because I’ve had a baby, doesn’t mean my morals or attitude has changed!!! If you want to come at me and disrespect me, I’ll slap some sense back into you.

‘Bitch… I pushed a baby out my Hoo haa… don’t think I’ll hesitate in knocking ur ass back to last week. Best things bout reunions… ur not hiding behind Instagram anymore… say it to my face.’

This si what CYrell wrote to her Istagram in response to Jessika's comment in our exclusive video.
This is what Cyrell wrote to her Instagram in response to Jessika’s comment. Scroll down to see the video from our Instagram page.

It comes after a insider told The Daily Telegraph on Monday that they’re shocked that the two women will even be in the same room for the Married at First Sight All-Stars special, slated for 2021.

‘There will be fireworks. I don’t know how Channel 9 managed to get them all in the same room, Jessika and Cyrell hate each other’s guts. Expect drama,’ the source told the publication.

To see what Jess said about Cyrell in our video, click here.

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6 Responses

  1. Awww…c’mon folks, this is all bulldust and crap talk to push this so called ‘reunion’ for the channel. Producer scripted in the same way MAFS always is these days. Of course there will be fireworks and then they all have a laigh about it later…😅

  2. Put a cork in it Cyrel. You haven’t changed one bit. Once a bitch, always a bitch! Wear a raincoat. I see more drinks thrown at you at the reunion. 🍺

  3. Cyrell needs to take some anger management classes. I feel sorry for her husband. I’d say a few things to your face Cyrell given half a chance, and it wouldn’t be nice. Take your coloured contacts out, they make you look evil, oh yeah, ‘you are’!
    Martha get a bottle of wine ready to pour on her. A glass isn’t enough. 🍷🍾

  4. Cyrell do yourself a favour and stay home. Ever heard about being a kind person?
    Your threats are evil. You sound like a thug. I thought you looked like a caring mum when I saw your photos with your son and partner, but, nothing’s changed, you are still a biatch! I’d say that to your face without hesitation, just for the record. Then I’d stand back and watch the other girls throw their drinks on you.

  5. I’m appalled in Cyrells response. What a total bit#h! Jessika didn’t say anything harsh. What Jessika said is 100% spot on. Cyrell needs to grow up, wash her mouth with soap, and learn some manners. You’re not the only one who pushed a baby out your hoo-ha. When you’ve pushed out 5 or more then start acting tough. In the mean time, stop being a freaking bully and bit#h Cyrell. You’re sounding like trailer trash trying to pick a fight. Start looking like a mother and set an example for your son and others who are impressionable and read these columns.

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