Frazer Neate is officially over The Bachelorette and doesn’t care who knows 🤯

Frazer Neate is officially over The Bachelorette and doesn’t care who knows 🤯
The Bachelorette
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Elly and Becky Miles’ The Bachelorette finale is now just days away, with both of the women down to their final contestants on the dating show.

And rather than the remaining guys gushing about the potential of spending their lives with them in their last round of interviews, as they do every year, Frazer Neate appears to no longer be able to fake the slightest bit of enthusiasm.

During an eye-opening chat with New Idea this week, the 28-year-old said it’s ‘too early’ to know if he even wants a future with Elly away from the show, and said he barely knows her.

Frazer is done pretending
Frazer is done pretending
During an interview ahead of the finale, he said he doesn't know if Elly is the girl for him
During an interview ahead of the finale, he said he doesn’t know if Elly is the girl for him

‘I think it’s too early to know if Elly is the one for me, but she’s a really nice person,’ he told the publication, adding that he didn’t spend much time with her throughout production.

Despite currently being in her final three alongside Joe Woodbury and Adam Todd, Frazer added that he has absolutely no intention of proposing if she did pick him during the finale.

Interestingly, Frazer has appeared disinterested in the show since he was announced as a contestant just before the premiere, leading to this interesting spoiler theory on this link.

Are you surprised by his latest remarks, or is it refreshing to see someone on a dating show speaking with such honesty? Let us know at @TheWashOnline on Instagram

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18 Responses

  1. Its nice to see someone telling the truth. I dont understand how they can expect a couple to know if they have a future together in a short time of a tv show. I know it has worked for a couple of couples but not the majority its all about exploiting people for tv ratings.

  2. Yes I think he should not have even gone on The Bachelorette if he felt he wasn’t ready of a relationship. That’s what it about, Its getting real boring because people are just faking it toget a statise on TV

  3. This seasons Bachelorette Australia was dumb anyway with two sisters, didn’t work for me at all👎👎👎

  4. That’s why I only read That’s life and Take 5 with real life stories none of the bull…. Or false stories.

  5. The main impression the bachelor and bachelorette Australia leaves one with is that of utter laziness and contempt for viewers – there is no effort done to either make dates interesting or different or give any time to actually showing any real connection people have – people bond over things they both enjoy and also their respective world views – beliefs, opinions, experiences – none of this is ever shown so everyone is just empty and the only thing the show wants to suggest is that if people are attractive and sit next to each other on a couch then that is love

    The only variety this Australian version of the series ever offers is whether the obligatory helicopter ride is at the start of the series or at the end, both times though just as lame and half-sharted

  6. New Idea Woman’s Weekly only publish what they feel will sell their magazines whether It be true but mostly false …so over the constant rubbish . Get back to real issues and not gutter reporting.

  7. If only the producers were to have a brain to think of putting contestants together from the same state

  8. I feel sorry for Bec and Elly for being accused as the reason for low viewer numbers.They have conducted themselves beautifully but the show is SO BORING.When these shows first aired ,the destinations and dates used to be exciting to watch.The show clearly spends NO money on making our experience as viewers interesting…and we hardly see any real interaction between the couples before you have them at Home Visits.If you want a successful show Ch10…you will need to give us more reasons to watch! Iam glad we havent had to watch the trashy behaviour of participants in recent shows! Well done girls …AND boys!

  9. Actually he’s something out of the blue let’s do these shows for over 40s and bring in the younger men be WAY more interesting? Who’s up for that!!!!!@

  10. If he’s not interested why doesn’t he be honest and tell Elly how he feels, it’s not fair on anyone including himself.

    1. No…l’ve surprisingly found it very refreshing…compared to recent Austalian Bachelorette series.
      The Men aren’t over the 🔝 & maybe the Producers have been listening this Season…. previously too many rude, pretentious Women (mostly) or Men using the show as a stepping stone for their own agendas.
      May ❤️ find you Elly and Becky. 👏🏼

      1. I dont know why the producers dont for a change put these show together with all contestant’s living in the same state.
        Id like to see if that might be better for those on the show to not be heart broken if they cant move for love.
        It would be just interesting to see couples not be worried about the long distance relationship.

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