The Bachelor’s Bella Varelis and Adam Todd grow close after teasing romance

The Bachelor’s Bella Varelis and Adam Todd grow close after teasing romance
The Bachelorette
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The Bachelorette’s Adam Todd wasted no time meeting up with The Bachelor’s Bella Varelis after moving to Sydney from Perth on Wednesday.

Within hours of landing in New South Wales, the 24-year-old raced out to meet the brunette for the very first time, after both recently confessing their mutual attraction for each other.

The pair were joined for drinks by co-stars Shannon Karaka, Pascal Wallace, Bec Cvilikas, Bel Colwell, Leilani Vakaahi and Nicole Campbell.

Adam Todd and Bella Varelis finally met on Wednesday night
Adam Todd and Bella Varelis finally met on Wednesday night in Sydney
They seemed smitten after both confessing to liking each other
They seemed to hit it off after both confessing to liking each other

In pictures and videos shared to Instagram, Adam and Bella certainly looked like they hit it off as they partied with the gang.

Last week, as Adam’s exit on The Bachelorette aired on TV, Bella said on Instagram that ‘she’d have him’ instead of Elly Miles – with Adam later confirming on The Project that the pair have already been sharing flirty messages.

They look likely to become the first couple to emerge from the unofficial ‘Bachelor In Bondi’ spin-off, which we’re excited about.

Introducing... the 'Bachelor In Bondi' gang!
Introducing… the ‘Bachelor In Bondi’ gang!
Adam raced to meet Bella after landing in Sydney Airport
Adam raced to meet Bella hours after after landing in Sydney
What is ‘Bachelor In Bondi’?

After Channel 10 recently confirmed Bachelor In Paradise has been cancelled, this year’s The Bachelor and The Bachelorette cast have taken it upon themselves to come together and see if any sparks fly between any of them.

As The Wash first reported, Shannon Karaka, Adam Tood and Trent Cray have just signed a lease on a party pad in Bondi and are all moving in together, and will be at the centre of the action.

They’ll be spending the summer living it up alongside the other Sydney-based stars of the show – and it’s the next best thing to Paradise.

Although they’ll be no camera crews there to capture any of it for TV, expect plenty of Instagram Story posts and social media updates of who is growing close with who and what’s going down.

It’s better than nothing, hey?

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15 Responses

  1. I think he’s too good for Bella. She will use him and after the initial spark wears off dump him…🙄. Adam will be left 💔

  2. Adam and Bella were both my instant favourites on their respective shows but we saw Bella’s true colours come out and now I don’t think she’s good enough for Adam. Hope he doesn’t get in to deep there. Looks aren’t everything.

  3. Hey Guys, I’ve just been watching “The Bachelor and The Bachelorette 2020” on Tenplay. Adam looks so keen to get into a relationship. Adam and Bella all the way. Team Bdam 💥

  4. Ive just been watching, ‘The clash of the Titans’. I reckon Adam should be cast as Perseus, the son of Zeus in a remake. Or ‘Thor’, in the next Thor movie. As Mary says, ‘He’s a man-god’. 🏛️🧖‍♂️

    Night all. It’s past my bedtime. 😴💤😴🛌

  5. MCFever- looks like Adam’s not keen to get into a relationship. I just read the article on here about him being linked to other chicks. He apparently said to one to tell his ex, ‘blah blah blah’ so she’d get off his case. He’s enjoying his freedom. Bachelor is around the corner for him. My guess is, ‘any chick trying to get with him will need to face facts . . She’s a temporary fix’.

  6. Poor Adam. Bella’s true colours will show soon enough. She’s not that good an actress to hide her mean, crude, bitchy personality for long. She’s borderline mental. You can tell she been spoiled by her parents while growing up, telling her she’s special when she’s weird looking and dumb. Adam is smart, he’ll figure it out.

  7. I LOVE this comment. U have totally nailed it 100%. Stay away adam shes no good for u. I hope u are the next bachie and find your true love x.

  8. It’s fine everyone. Adam is only 24 and is a man God. He’ll be a having a LOT of fun with or without bella. I’d love to see him as the Bachelor in a couple of years when he’s ready to settle down and Locky and a pregnant Irena come on the show and give him advice.

    1. Meanwhile bella’s still chasing the Bachelorette gig which will never eventuate because Osher point blank refuses to do the show because of her.

  9. Yes, I am not a fan of Bella. She is a fame seeker but don’t you need to have something unique or special? Please Adam, don’t go there, she is clingy, needy and high maintenance. I must admit though I was impressed that she didn’t get fake boobs or pout trout

  10. Dear oh Dear- Haven’t you guys on the wash got anything better to write about than a handfull of nobody’s. Bachelor in paradise was axed because nobody wants to see these people faking their intentions all over again but at a different location. Make Adam a bachelor, Tammy, Monique or Jessika Power a bachelorette and you will have me interested. Until then, I’m going to watch some real TV.

  11. I’m not surprised there won’t be any cameras. Who’d want to watch this lot swap partners and bed hop. How totally un Australian. They aren’t stars, far from it. They are rejected contestants. Adam and Shannon, Leilani Vakaahi, Nicole Campbell, and Bel Colwell are cool but the rest are fame seekers’.

  12. Adam isn’t taking any notice of the
    Bondi-Bike/Bella in these photos. 🤭
    Bella posted a YouTube video of herself watching the final episodes of Bachelorette and she said, ‘I love you Adam’. Can you believe this girl and the desperate way she chases men. Watch the video of them from this article. She is screaming like she’s riding a bull at a rodeo. Who does that at a pub. What a hillbilly!

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