Um, it seems Bella Varelis and Adam Todd have got a secret thing going on

Um, it seems Bella Varelis and Adam Todd have got a secret thing going on
The Bachelorette
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It looks like Adam Todd may not become The Bachelor 2021 after all, despite saying he was down to do the show just several hours ago.

During an appearance on The Project on Thursday night, the 24-year-old admitted to sharing some flirty messages with The Bachelor’s Bella Varlis, and hinted at a future romance.

‘There might have been a bit of sliding [into the direct messages],’ laughed Adam when asked about the potential of dating Bella, before saying he won’t confirm if there’s anything going on.

Adam Todd confirmed he's been sharing flirty messages with Bella Varelis on Thursday's The Project
Adam Todd confirmed he’s been sharing flirty messages with Bella Varelis on Thursday’s The Project
It comes after Bella gushed over the hunk on Instagram
It comes after Bella gushed over him on Insta

Bella has made her feelings for Adam more than known on Instagram this week.

The brunette shared an Instagram Story venting at Elly Miles for dumping him during Wednesday’s episode, before adding: ‘Adam, I’ll have you.’

Meanwhile, during an interview on Thursday morning, Adam confirmed he was completely single and still looking for love.

Maybe he’s found it sooner than he thought?


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21 Responses

  1. Chloe Z, I like your advice to Jezabel-Bella. She should think about what she’s doing. Her father must be beside himself over her behaviour and chasing every man under the sun. She is coming across as a real disgraceful girl who has absolutely no respect or self worth.

    Jenny Clark, I’m not even going to bother wasting my time answering your ridiculous questions. You sound like a silly girl saying all this or Bella herself.
    Ask anyone you know who is responsible and who has self worth if they’d go on a daily/weekly man hunt for a partner. I think the comments will be similar to the ones here. Basically it’s not a good look. I know men who wouldn’t go for a girl like Bella. Most men know a good time girl from a keeper/ potential wife. All Bella is doing is showing the world she is ‘a good time girl’.

  2. How do we know she is doing it for followers? And even if she is… why does it matter? She can do what she wants.

  3. I am so surprised at Bella’s behaviour. What does her father think of his daughter, especially after the way he reacted when he walked in the door and saw his daughter kissing Locky on the home visits. He looked pretty shocked and disrespected. He seemed disappointed in his daughter. I thought she was a good decent person, but has turned out to be different. Please leave Adam alone, he is a lovely person and doesn’t deserve a person like that. He deserves a decent and respectful person who will love him and not do what Bella is doing. She honestly can’t be enjoying all the bad comments she is receiving. This is going to follow you all your life which will not be very nice when your own children get to read all this bad media about their mother. Please think of what you are doing.

  4. I’m not defending the words she has said at all. As I’ve said, that was not ok. But she’s allowed to hang out with different men. Hopefully young people will learn that they won’t be judged about what they choose to do with their bodies or the company they keep.

  5. Jenny, Fornication/consensual sex is fine as you say. As is who you share your body with ‘in private’. Chasing multiple men to the extreme and totally visible online where youths are possibly influenced by this excessive greed to be physical with multiple men is not ok. Do it privately, keep it away from impressionable young people who are reading everything, and like sponges they soak it in and can possibly do the same. Do you have kids? Do you have morals? Would you let your kid talk Shyte live on TV, abuse an innocent lady and call her a manipulative bitch and then say, I lied, I didn’t talk to Locky as much as I said I did’. Which was why she abused Irena and tried to manipulate her way into Lockys heart just to ‘win’ the show. After saying, ‘Shed reject him if he picked her’. So why was she there if she intended on rejecting him? Bella is all over the place and can’t remember her lies. She pretends to be all innocent and plays everyone for fools. I’m not a fool and looks like Locky caught on to her game too.

  6. It is completely about double standards and slut shaming. Name calling is 100% not ok. But the points raised earlier wasn’t about that, it was that it wasn’t ok for her to be spending time with men. That was what I was replying to. No one should have hate for spending time with people if that is what they choose to do.

  7. It’s not about double standards or slut shaming women. Bella can be the virgin Mary for all I care. She’s a horrible person – did you not watch The Bachelor when she called Irena a manipulative little bitch? Watching her get dumped on national TV by Locky was the greatest thing – karma’a a bitch hey?

  8. It would be impossible to know about different peoples use of contraception or to know who is sleeping with who. My point is it is her choice and the men’s choice what happens (which may or may not include sex), but either way it’s fine! Why are we judging women for spending time with men? If it’s her choice then that’s fine!

  9. Jenny clark- yep no need for hate when you can have 1000 guys- increase Ingram followers and get VD, Gonorrhea, and herpes all at the same time. If that’s what she she wants then she’s heading in the right direction. After all the hate she put on Irena and other nurses, shed be lucky to get treatment when she does get boils and warts. 😋

  10. She’s single so can be with whoever she wants to be though? How’s that wrong? She can be with 1000 guys a week if it’s consensual and she wants to! There’s no need for the hate.

  11. Adam is beautiful and too good for the town bicycle, Bella, who obviously revels in attention. She is a Bikini Model on Instagram (job title: Instagram Influencer) and obviously loves sleeping with multiple men at once- not that there’s anything wrong with that, but obviously not something Adam wants. She’s also a spoilt brat- thinking she had Locky who thankfully dumped her little ass on national TV for Irena.

  12. I can’t believe all the crap Jenny Clark is posting online. The wash should block her and in the process delete every article about Bella ‘Pinocchio’ Varelis. Her stories aren’t consistent and full of gaps. Frazer wouldn’t go for her when he’s with a lovely country lady, who has relationship standards and who genuinely went on Bachelorette in search of love and looking for mr right. Nothing fake about these sisters from the country. Hopefully their relationships workout. Looks like Elly and Frazer is anyway.
    Back to Bella/Pinocchio who can’t stop telling lies. Now she’s trying it on with Adam. He’s marked to be the next Bachelor. Why would he settle for someone like Bella who’s throwing herself at him and a few others dudes just so just she can prove to Locky that other dudes want her. Locky made the RIGHT choice by falling in love with Irena. Imagine having to keep one eye open all the time when other dudes are around, not knowing who Bella’s going to sneak off with. Bella is so transparent. She’s trying so hard to look popular with other dudes to make Locky feel like he’s missing out. Locky has brains. He’ll be aware of her low grade antics just like the rest of us.

  13. Jenny Clark, to be perfectly honest, Bella is full of BS. She said she was pursuing Frazer and now Adam, and the other day Bella was with Naseem from MAFS. It makes her look like a ska#k. Cheap and desperate. If that’s ok with you, fine, that’s ok with you. I know woman I friend are certainly not giving it up for different guys every day/week. She’s not setting a good example for young teens who are reading all the posts.

    1. Why does a woman spending time with different men (whatever they are doing) matter? Why does it set a bad example? Women can do whatever they want with their bodies with whoever it is as long as it is consensual.

    2. Why does a woman spending time with different men (whatever they are doing) matter? Why does it set a bad example? Women can do whatever they want with their bodies with whoever it is as long as it is consensual.

      1. Jennifer/Jenny Clark, You keep repeating yourself over and over again. Are you serious? You claim that, ‘Women can do whatever they want with their bodies with whoever it is as long as it is consensual’. ?????? You are coming across as desperate as Bella.
        I think working girls are an exemption. They do what they do for whatever reason. They enjoy it, they need the money for whatever reason, and some find it a means of socialising without getting attached. The difference is they get paid. No one in their right mind would put down someone who is trying to feed their family how ever she can, or pay her rent or for her university degree or lifestyle. Working girls do it the right way in most cases and take precautions. They check every man for any slightest bit of sexual negativities including warts, which can spread. If the men have anything negative, they are rejected. Is Bella rejecting her bed fellows or just going with the flow in the name of increasing her followers by getting her mugshot online. Please don’t ‘copy and paste’ your reply from your previous reply. It’s just showing your laziness and lack of communicational abilities. A bit like Bella who is too lazy to get a job and who takes government benefits from hard working tax payers.

  14. Here we go again. Yet another story about Bella with ‘another’ guy. She was persuing Frazer apparently. I watched the project this evening and Frazer seems quite content with Elly. Who knows where that will go but it doesn’t look like it will go in Bella’s favour. Then she was photo bombing Naseem and all smiles with him who is old enough to be her dad. Then there was the guy in the surf, the guy coming out of her unit early in the morning, this guy and that guy. Looks like Locky dodged a bullet. This girl seems to be anyone who will have her. Doesn’t she have any dignity? Seriously it’s not a good image to have her as an influencer role modelling herself looking like a quick fix for multiple guys. It’s not a good look for our impressionable youths. This is wrong in many ways. She is not setting a good example and is cleary she’s just trying to get her picture everywhere to increase her followers. That’s not how she be going about it. She’s not coming across as popular, she’s coming across as desperate and cheap.

    1. Why can’t she date different men? Why isn’t that allowed? Why do you get a bad reputation if you do that? What’s the big deal?

      1. Jenny Clark, What is wrong with you? You obviously don’t have kids or any common sense for that matter.
        You ask, ‘Why cant Bella date different men’? Well here are 3 of the most common reasons:
        1. Gonorrhea
        2: Syphilis
        3: chlamydia.
        Please don’t be naïve and say something dumb like, ‘who says she’s with them intimately.’ The photos are proof. A guy in the surf, a guy coming out of her unit in the early hours of the morning, A guy all over her at a club, and so many many more that I can’t be bothered to list them here. Lets not forget how she claims to have been with Cody for just one night. She’s not painting a good picture and that’s why she’s so hated. She thinks she can do anything she likes and all us other women, and some men will just accept it. Well we don’t. Why ? Because some of us are trying to raise decent kids and setting good examples for them unlike you and your friend Bella, AND we actually have high morals.

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