The Bachelor’s Bella Varelis takes swipe at Locky Gilbert on Instagram, now thankful she didn’t win 👀

The Bachelor’s Bella Varelis takes swipe at Locky Gilbert on Instagram, now thankful she didn’t win 👀
The Bachelor
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Bella Varelis was dumped during Thursday’s season finale of The Bachelor as Locky Gilbert chose Irena Srbinovska as his winner instead.

And immediately after the episode aired, the runner-up took to Instagram to share a subtle swipe aimed at Locky, saying she’s now happy she didn’t win as ‘things happen for a reason’.

Here’s what she said:

‘I’m not entirely sure where to even start… When Locky told me he loved me and couldn’t wait to make me happy for the rest of my life, I believed him and trusted him wholeheartedly. We connected on so many levels right from the beginning, some you saw, but most you didn’t. Having three months outside of filming completely changed the aspect of the show, it brought normality to the connection and we grew into what felt like a real relationship. Looking back; I’m proud of myself. I gave it my all, I was true to myself and I wore my heart on my sleeve.’

Bella took a swipe at Locky on Instagram after being dumped during finale

Bella then went on the thank her ‘on set Bachelor fam’ and legion of fans who have supported her through this very public dumping.

‘Whilst it’s not my fairytale ending, the laughs and the memories will last a lifetime. I want to say thank you to my on-set Bachelor family who were with me up until the very end, thank you for making me laugh through my endless tears that night. To everyone that supported me on this crazy journey, the people out there who don’t even know me but continue to keep the vibes positive and especially the people who got me through a few of the hardest moments, you know who you are, and you’re the real ones.

I’m a firm believer that things happen for a reason and now was not my time, I’ll never stop being a hopeless romantic and I’m sure my happily ever after is still out there. Hopefully I don’t need to kiss too many more frogs.’

Says she’s happy she didn’t win as ‘things happen for a reason’ and regrets ‘trusting him wholeheartedly’

Aww, good on ya Bella!

Click here to find out why Bella was so upset, and what Locky actually told her before filming the finale.

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20 Responses

  1. Magdalena, how can you say, ‘Bella, you deserve a real man. He will come when you less expect it. Good luck beautiful soul’? ? ? ? ? ? OMG!
    Were you watching when Bella tried to back stab Irena? Were you watching when Bella continuously tried to turn the girls in the mansion against Irena? Have you watched Interviews on the morning shows when Bella puts down Locky and says she’ll never be friends with Irena because she’s, ‘a manipulative little bit#h’.L? (She turned on Irena, because Irena said Locky called her during lock down) Have you been reading Bella’s interviews online and how she’s telling the press all the intimate stuff, that should be kept between her Locky?
    SERIOUSLY? Good soul? Bella? You have a mixed salad in your brain.

  2. In real life, naturally frogs only get kissed by other frogs. That’s the Reality! Don’t frogs with long eyelashes croaked on tall grass and murky waters about kissing all specimens of their own kind when their seasons are still hot?

  3. No longer in ‘season’ grapes are not always sweet, right? So expect sour grapes when the season is over and the end “harvest’ isn’t all that bounty!

    Take it that some grapes are not meant to be eaten fresh. Thick skinned, they belong to the cask, after being romped on – across the globe by the somewhat rich & famous! LOL!

  4. Looking like the only real winner here is Locky & all those male celebs gals like to boast for openly circulating themselves. Name dropping Who’s Who’s men, who didn’t end up choosing the pass-around gal/s for serious relationship! Some gals are simply aren’t wives material no matter how they drop themselves on the men’s laps. LOL!

  5. I have read on the social media roundabouts that Bella was bragging that she only dates celebrities. My question is this…was it love for the cameras? The need for constant attention , her face all over the place… Everyone wants love…you don’t need to go on tv to find it…but he is the same 3 times a reality star….it’s all about ratings…if rather watch David that’s real!!

  6. The whole show is a farts it has turned into the biggest piece of bullshit I have seen on tv. I can’t believe that he kept taking Bella and Irena on dates when
    There were girls there that were better matches like belle according to the woman that could read them. But he never spent any time with them or Steph she was so lovely and he never spent time with her. Well I guess it’s await and see. I predict that it won’t last with them. As another pretty girl will take him away.

  7. I was hopping the whole time it would be Irena. She is a beautiful soul and a caring women. Bella on the other hand is a very in mature girl. Best wishes to the awesome looking couple…xx

  8. Defs dodged a bullet Bella. Tbh, a gentleman wouldn’t pash 99% of the woman in the house.
    Ignore all the negative Nancy’s, btw, Irena wasn’t a saint. Wish you well for the future, your Mr Right will find you❤❤❤

  9. I’m a 72 year old grandpa and I send you a virtual hug. Life goes on Bella. My advise is don’t look back, put aside the bitterness, be positive, you are a beautiful young lady and have so much to be thankful for. I wish you a long healthy and happy life.

  10. Lucky Lochy I say … started showing your bitchiness and that was it for me ….good luck to Irena and Lochy and hopefully when your 30 you will be as mature as Irena. …. You can always go on BIP as the next Keira

  11. This happens all too often. I should know, at 25 the same thing happened to me. I & my thought to be knight in shining armour clicked! Then jealousy took hold, envy followed, hate torn us apart & cruelty ended what could have been something I thought was special between us! In the end, what I thought was to be my future man, didnt happen, & he ended up being with someone completely different to me. I should have known then, its not just looks & flirting behaviour, it’s the mental side you need to also weigh up! Remember that!! The mental side. Understanding it will save you much heartache in the end. My one did marry someone else & then shockingly died of a heart attack! Some say he died of a broken heart, but that’s not true either. Years later, looking back, my world opened up with all kinds of possibilities & adventures & if I was to see him today, I wouldn’t blink an eye! In the end he just wasn’t for me, nor worth the effort. I am only sorry he died so young. Drastic as it may be, the future wasn’t ours & today looking back, I am glad, otherwise I believe I would have also been the one wearing the pants in the family and that’s not what I wanted in a marriage especially.

  12. Locky dodged a bullet as your true character came out after loosing and the way you treated Irene, have so respect in that he didn’t choose you, but no you have to be vindictive and petty 👎

  13. You knew what you were getting into when you signed up. No need for sour grapes now. It would have been a difficult choice, but you should be respectful to Locky and Irena.

  14. Of couse he loved you but there are many kinds of love. Dont have negative thoughts about your experience Can you name many or any of the qualities you loved about him,? Can you set ten or whatever goals you would aim for to make a relationship. Find your answer there. Beauty doesnt last

  15. You weren’t ripped for the moment somebody will come along & pick u off the tree when your Ripe and ready…
    I lost faith in your character & rude comments to Irene ☹️ did ❤️ Lochy’s Mum

  16. Bella You are so beautiful and smart young lady. Like you said things happen for a reason. This man is not for you, you deserve a real man. He will come when you less expected. Good luck beautiful soul 🙏🧸🌷💗

  17. I am so sorry he did that to you bella.
    But at the end of the day he has let the best one go
    I wish you all the very best for your bright and wonderful future.
    Locky has lost out of this whole thing not you bella.
    Good luck.

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