SPOILER These pictures will completely ruin The Bachelor finale for you, click at your own risk

SPOILER These pictures will completely ruin The Bachelor finale for you, click at your own risk
The Bachelor
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Locky Gilbert has confirmed he is ‘110,000%’ still with The Bachelor winner.

And as the pictures below prove, that absolutely can not be Bella Varelis, meaning Irena Srbinovska has to be his chosen lady, as we all suspect.

After we revealed last week how a picture of Irena’s car in Melbourne (click to read) had hinted she wins, another picture of a certain someone’s car outside Bella’s home over the weekend has now pretty much confirmed she’s the runner-up.

Intrigued? Let us explain….

On Saturday night, a neighbour of Bella’s sent us a picture of Bachelor In Paradise star Nathan Favro’s car parked outside her apartment in Sydney.

Well, they claimed it was his car, and slid into our DMs with the picture at exactly 20:21pm.

We then sent a photographer over to investigate on Sunday morning, and guess what? The car in question was still there at 7:47am, parked across the street from Bella’s mini.

Still unsure if it was Mr Favro’s vehicle, our snapper hung around for a while – and at 9:46am, out came Nathan after spending the night.

20:21PM: Nathan Favro’s car outside Bella’s home on Saturday night
7:47AM: Nathan’s car still outside Bella’s on Sunday morning, across from her mini
9:46AM: Nathan leaving Bella’s on Sunday morning
Have a nice sleepover, Nath?

Bella then emerged at 11:04am, and quickly attempted to hide from the pap.

She left her apartment alongside co-star, best friend and housemate Bec Cvilikas. The girls headed to Double Bay for brunch with a friend.

Nathan’s sleepover at Bella’s comes after we snapped them getting flirty at the beach last week.

And although we have no idea what is going on between them – Bella having a guy spend the night at hers just before the finale pretty much confirms that she doesn’t win. Whoops.

11:04AM: Bella emerges shortly after Nathan
11:04AM: Bella emerged shortly after Nathan
11:04am: And attempted to hide
11:04am: And attempted to hide
(Alongside Bec Cvilikas, obv)
(Alongside bestie Bec Cvilikas, obv)

Speaking to The Wash last week, Nathan told us he’s known Bella for years – but is just a friend and has been helping her deal with the whirlwind that surrounds the show.

Here’s what Nathan said:

‘Bella is under contract so she can’t say anything publicly. But I have been her mate for years and I know that what you are seeing on TV is not what would have happened.

‘I have had a bad edit myself and I feel awful for her. Bella is such a sweetheart. She has been caught up in a feud with Irena and I can promise you, what you have been shown is not the whole story. She has been stitched up [by the edit].

‘She is upset by the sudden turn. I was there for her when this all happened [after filming] and now as it’s playing out on TV – and so have many other friends from the show. Surely the fact she has that support [from her co-stars] shows you that there is more going on.

‘Just remember she is a real person with real feelings and be kind.’

Nathan's sleep over comes after we snapped the pair at the beach together last week
Nathan’s sleepover comes after we snapped the pair at the beach together last week
He insists they're just friends
At the time he insisted they’re just friends 
Bec joined them at the beach, obv
Bec joined them at the beach, obv

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  2. Not surprised he picked Irena after Bella’s immature behaviour ……lost so much respect for her when she was bitching behind Irenas back.

  3. I feel sad for Bella, how could Locky say he loves her than dumps her that is cruel, he knew he was going to choose Irena why tell Bella he loves her? Only to hurt her? He said he didn’t want to hurt anyone but he did Not nice Locky. I think Locky went on bachelor for fame not love, they won’t last. Bella you go girl be happy your to good for Locky,

  4. Everyone knows, including the girls on this show that it has to be edited & we, the viewers, understand this also, but the girls continue to be on the show & we viewers continue to watch it, knowing it has to be edited.
    Once it’s over we can see a little clearer how it “all” played out & who he chooses to try out his future with… why do people get so surprised that a “many month” reality program has to be edited in a way that needs it has to intrigue us all in order to make us keep watching… they wouldn’t be very good at producing a program if they didn’t chop it up a bit….

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