Bella Varelis confirms juicy drama was cut from The Bachelor finale, here’s what actually happened…

Bella Varelis confirms juicy drama was cut from The Bachelor finale, here’s what actually happened…
The Bachelor
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Bella Varelis has confirmed that The Bachelor finale was selectively edited in Locky Gilbert’s favour, with producers cutting out a key scene.

Whereas we all watched Bella break down as she was dumped, and then head home in tears, quite a bit happened between these two events.

Speaking to The Kyle & Jackie O Show on Friday, the 25-year-old revealed that she raged at Locky for having ‘strength and honour’ tattooed across his chest, despite showing her none of these traits.

Bella has revealed she ranted at Locky about his 'strength and honour' tattoo during The Bachelor finale, but the scene was cut from TV
Bella has revealed she ranted at Locky about his ‘strength and honour’ tattoo during The Bachelor finale, but the scene was cut from TV


Here’s what she said:

‘The thing is, right, I was walking up to him and I genuinely loved him. You don’t want to see the person that you love crying like that. That’s why I was consoling him. 

‘Did I think that I was going to be the one standing at the end wiping the tears off his face? No, I thought it would have been the other way round at least. But I don’t know… I did kind of give it to him a little bit.

‘I might have been like, “You’ve got honour tattooed on your chest, mate.” Don’t tell me you’re in love with me and then be like, “I love you, but not enough.” And then I kind of looked and was like, “Can I leave?”‘

When asked if she let Locky ‘have it’ more than that, and if even more stuff was cut from TV, Bella added: ‘Yeah, I honestly, I went numb.’

PS: Make sure you check out our story from Thursday night (click here), to read about the text Locky sent Bella before breaking her heart

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15 Responses

  1. It just shows at the end of the day, she does not truly love him but was just in love with herself and the idea of snagging him over the rest of other girls, thinking mightily about herself, constantly bragging to the group and not seeing the truth about the fact that she might not be the best and only nod after all, knowing that Irena could also be his choice, if for any reason, he chooses so for whatever reasons. By putting him down nastily like that even before they are really in a real relationship, and acting like a total self-centred, entitled, egotistical little bitch towards a good ex-friend Irena, speaks volumes of her emotional immaturity and character which probably was one of the reasons Locky had second thoughts about her, despite her beauty, big brown eyes and charm which at the end of the day may not be enough for him to choose as a life – partner. Most people will fall for her charms and beauty anyways, so she would have v little trouble snagging another self-entitled boy who’s into beauty vs substance and heart.

  2. Irena handled herself with grace and dignity on and off the show…she is a beautiful woman inside and out…no wonder Locky chose her and got rid of Bella, her true nature is showing in defeat!!

  3. Well Locky was smitten with Bella. It’s natural to be in that situation. You can be in awe with someone and feel that’s love and at the same time be comfortable and secure and feeling a storng connection towards another one. Wr all ate human. It was Locky’s journey, so he had these strong feelings towards two people and chose the one whom he thought would be the better partner on the long journey called Life and marriage and kids. Bella is young and got time to settle down to family life and both Locky and Irena are in that age group who think alike. Probably that’s why he chose her. Both women are good humans but he had to chose the one whom he thought would be ready for a long time commitment. Nobody to be blamed.

  4. Bella was immature, it just showed, the only reason why she wanted him was because Irene I’m really fell for him. I saw the difference in irina’s look at lucky and the way Bella looked at him. Bella was more like I’ve got him I’ve got him hooked he’s going to be mine. she was not mature at all she was very nasty and even listen to The Kyle and Jackie O comment she was still there very nasty and ibitchy that just goes to show you.

  5. @Trace

    You know if Locky had chosen Bella you would be saying those same nasty things but it would be about Irena.

    You don’t know Irena, the bachelor is a highly edited show, often scripted. There can only be one winner except for honey badgers season and the villain can’t be the winner so that’s why you think bella is all those things when she’s not. Be happy for irena and let bella go.

  6. All the way through this series, Bella was hiding her true colours, she is a cat, and so FAKE,and it started to show, no class at all, her immaturity shone through in the end and cracks began to appear, she really wasnt a very nice individual. In the face of adversity Irena stayed true to herself and was all class, Locky made the perfect choice.

  7. its lockys loss, bella .
    You have got alot better heading your way.
    Locky will regret his decision true love only comes around once miss it and you are looking for the next best thing.

  8. Locky made a big mistake in saying he loves you and Irena.
    He broke the rules and how Locky decided to end it with you was awful.
    By the way you deserve someone who is trustworthy loyal fun and excepts you for who you really are.
    I wish you all the best and I pray that you will find the one. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️

  9. Thank God you lost glad u lost you came across nasty u thought yr shit don’t stink .the best person won .i was waving u good by. Irena was more mature . He didn’t want a baby .

    1. Bella is so beautiful the editing was made to make her out to be like that the proof is that she’s friends with bec
      I still think irena is the dodgy one

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