Channel Nine have commissioned a Married At First Sight all-stars spin-off that is expected to air just before the new season in late January.

The Wash understands that the two part special will feature former couples and co-stars coming face-to-face and reliving their past scandals – and a big dinner party full of the most memorable participants from all seven seasons.

Meanwhile, the show’s few remaining couples will also be joining in on the fun to discuss how their relationships are going these days, with bosses keen to remind viewers they are capable of (occasionally) producing a happy ending.

There's an all-star MAFS two part special coming, featuring a big dinner party
There’s an all-star MAFS two part special coming, featuring a big dinner party

Although details are currently being kept under wraps, it’s understood that the spin-off will be filmed in the next few days, and will give many stars the opportunity to show how they’ve grown as a person since their time on the show.

The cast list is still a working progress, but here’s who we’re told will likely appear:

-Jules Robinson & Cameron Merchant (S6)

-Erin Bateman & Bryce Mohr (S2)

-Martha Kalifatidis & Michael Brunelli (S6)

-Dean Wells (S5)

-Tracey Jewel (S5)

-Jessika Power (S6)

-Ines Basic (S6)

-Mike Gunner (S6)

-Cyrell Paule (S6)

-Patrick Miller (S5)

-Charlene Perera (S5)

-Cheryl Maitland (S4) 

PS: Click here for a bunch of paparazzi pics of the new Married At First Sight cast filming season eight in Sydney

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