SPOILER The Married At First Sight ‘All-Stars’ reunion was as hectic as expected

SPOILER The Married At First Sight ‘All-Stars’ reunion was as hectic as expected
Married At First Sight
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Warning: This article contains spoilers

Filming for the Married At First Sight ‘All-Stars’ reunion ended in an emotional frenzy, with Jessika Power leaving in tears on Tuesday night.

The 28-year-old, who arrived to the shoot smiling, was seen sobbing uncontrollably to someone on the phone as she returned to her hotel just after midnight.

Hours before the reunion, Cyrell shared an Instagram post directed at Jess, writing she wouldn’t hesitate to ‘knock her a** back to last week’ and use physical force if need be.

Jess was seen sobbing uncontrollably to someone on the phone as she left the MAFS reunion 
The blonde seemed to be in quite a bit of distress.
Cyrell Paule made it clear on Instagram hours before the reunion that she was prepared to ‘knock their a** back to last week’ if she needed to.

Nasser Sultan sensationally quit the spin-off halfway through the shoot.

We’re told that the 52-year-old stormed off-set and returned to his hotel at 10:30pm following a clash with Cyrell Paule, where he took several cruel swipes at her relationship with Eden Dally and their son Boston.

Prior to this, Nasser was called out by Dean Wells, Ryan Gallagher and Mike Gunner for his past remarks about all of them in the media, but it was his argument with Cyrell that proved too confrontational for him to handle.

Cyrell did not look happy as she left filming.
Cyrell did not look happy as she left filming.
Something big went down.
According to an insider, Naser couldn’t stay there and listen to Cyrell swear at him, which is why he decided to leave filming half-way through.
It’s believed Nasser took several swipes at Cyrell’s relationship with Eden Dally, which pushed her to blow over the edge.

Earlier in the evening, pap pictures showed producers walking Cyrell off-set around 30 minutes after arriving – sparking rumours she may have quit. It seems she then returned an hour or so later, with her late arrival purposely causing maximum impact.

A fuming Cyrell wrapped filming at midnight and jumped into an awaiting car.

Surprisingly, Ines Basic and Ryan Gallagher came out looking quite relaxed and happy, with not a tear in sight.

We’re told Ryan didn’t have much to say during filming and may not get too much air time because of it.

Surprisingly Ryan left looking unscathed.
Surprisingly Ryan left looking unscathed.
Ines left smiling with no tears in sight.
Ines left smiling with no tears in sight.
Ines seemed unaffected as she left the shoot.
Ines seemed unaffected as she left the shoot.

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13 Responses

  1. Jen and R.R.J.R – When was the last time you both looked in the mirror. Mocking people’s appearance and body shaming people is CREUL and really low.
    How would you cope if those comments were directed at you?
    Small minded people like the two of you should be blocked from chat forums.
    Why don’t you post a picture, so we can all comment on your appearance, or are you both faceless keyboard warriors hiding behind your computer/phone.
    If I choose to make my lips, bottom, chest, or nose or whatever bigger that’s not your business, it would be mine. Get my drift?

  2. It was Martha who threw wine on Cyrell on MAFS, so why is Cyrell taking it out on Jessika?
    Cyrells a mother now and should grow heck up. She’s nothing but a biatch. No correction, I’m going to say the actual word instead if being polite. Cyrell is a BITCH!
    * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * *
    Jessika is a sweetheart and doesn’t deserve all this abuse, no one does. The producers should look after the mental health of these MAFS stars first and foremost, then look at how all the drama will increase ratings.

    As for Cyrell, her violent threats towards Jessika and Nasser, (as much as I don’t like him), should not be condoned and put on air. Those scenes should be edited out. She’s trying to look tough. It’s not looking tough from where I’m looking, it’s childish, bully behaviour that’s not accepted in our country.

    So many young Australians are watching and reading these abusive violent rants from Cyrell and it’s shameful to say the least that Cyrell is getting away with this kind of behaviour. She should be thrown of the set and her contract should be null and void for being physically and emotionally abusive towards others.

    Who will want to watch if this is what’s going on.
    We all want to watch to see how everyone is progressing outside the project and to see who has lasted and who has been married in real life with kids etc. Would Cyrell want her son to watch his mother being so violently abusive and physical throwing stuff at other people instead of using her words? He’s going to think it’s ok to behave like that and she’ll end up with a problem child on her hands. It’s time Cyrell starts acting her age and being a good mother, partner, and human being.

  3. R.R.J.R
    What do you look like when you cry? I suppose you look like a supermodel! Give Jessika a break. She’s said something so mild to Cyrell, ‘I hope you’ve grown up’. In return Cyrell gets violently abusive and threatens to kick her ass to last week’. That’s just ridiculous. It’s not about how people look when they cry. The show was meant to be a catch up and Cyrell has gone in all guns blazing. She’s crazy.

    I totally agree with you.

    If you look closer, Jessika doesn’t have full lips anymore. You sound like one of those people who just slag people off because you get a kick out of it. You’re a troll and a bully.

    I love your comment.❤️

    Speaking the truth and saying violent threatening things like, ‘Bitch I’ll kick your ass to last week’ aren’t words from a stable person. They’re words of an abusive bully.

  4. Cyrell is traaaaaaaash jealous of how good Jess looks and how successful she’s become, stop with the baboon act we’re over it

  5. Cyrell, grow up.
    You’re not queen kung fu ffs!
    Ugh, she annoys me.

    Jess, girl, you’re stunning! F**k who ever made you cry, clearly still havnt grown the F up.


    Ryan, mate its time to let go of reality tv.
    Still love ya tho.

  6. Cyrell is a total bitch. She is abusive and uses violent threats. It’s very unfair on Jessika to have to go through all that. It’s totally wrong. Something needs to be done by channel 9 producers to ensure that sort of bullying doesn’t happen. I’d call the police if she spoke to me like that. Look at her face in the car. She looks evil, the devil in real life. 👿
    Nasser is a different matter all together. He’s said a lot of nasty things about the MAFS stars and should have been pulled up about it – but no one deserves to go through what Jessika has been through. Ryan was paid the biggest money. Why? To sit there and watch everyone else participate? This is all wrong. Cyrell is an absolute lunatic and should be evicted, if there’s such a thing for MAFS. Ryan should forfeit his cash, Nasser should stay with his security guard in the cafe and Innes should be sticking up for her bestie Jessika. How can she leave all smiles when poor Jessika has gone through hell and back. Very disappointing Innes, very disappointing indeed.

    1. You do realise they invited cyrell, Jessika and ines all back for ratings nothing else. They knew having them in the same room would bring the audience in. Jessika thrives on media attention even if it’s only for 15mins. So good on Cyrell for calling them out. Also none of them were ever really friends theh just used each other for publicity.

    2. You’re a bit too invested love. And as Cyrell stated the people like Jess who have said bad things about her can’t hide behind social media anymore. I 100% don’t condone violence so I hope it was all words only.

    3. No she’s not I love Cyrell she’s says the truth and people can’t handle it like you guys need to grow up if you just think she’s abusive like come on I have met cyrell and I said what happened on it and she said you all have not seen what really happened so don’t be jumping to conclusion

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