All the Married At First Sight Grand Reunion rumours, and which ones are total BS

All the Married At First Sight Grand Reunion rumours, and which ones are total BS
Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight’s Grand Reunion is finally set to air on Sunday, which means there’s all kinds of rumours flying around in the lead up to it.

So we thought we’d do a little round-up and let you know which ones legit happened, and which are completely fabricated and #fakenews.

By this point we all know that Nasser Sultan stormed out and Cyrell Paule threw wine over Jessika Power, so here’s the other stories…

1. Mike Gunner and Sarah Roza are apparently now a thing?

According to New Idea, Mike was ‘like a kid in a candy shop’, was ‘very flirty on set with all of the women’ and was ‘starry-eyed’ for Sarah Roza.

Daily Mail Australia later followed this up, claiming the pair hit it off and Sarah ‘loves a confident man’ like Mike and they’ve kept their connection going.

But here’s what Mike told us directly:

‘I actually didn’t flirt with anyone. I have no idea where they got that from, thin air probably. You won’t see any evidence of it as it never happened. I’ve asked that they not publish any more defamatory, inaccurate stories from this point on.’

2. Jules Robinson and Cameron Merchant’s big deal?

It was first rumoured that the pair didn’t attend as producers ‘said no to their $50,000 fee’ – but New Idea then reported it was the complete opposite of this, and they were apparently offered $60,000 but ‘said no because they wanted more’.

Two very contrasting stories.

We asked Jules directly why she wasn’t there last month, and it had nothing to do with money:

‘It just wasn’t for us right now. My baby [was] 10 weeks old. He needs me more than ever right now and filming takes forever and then some!’


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3. Jessika Power and Ines Basic now hate each other?

After both falling out with Martha Kalifatidis last year, Jessika and Ines have remained good friends and loyal to each other…. but apparently all this changed during filming last month.

And it looks like this one is true.

Since filming wrapped in December, we can’t help but notice the girls have unfollowed each other on Instagram, and Ines is now all gushy with Cyrell, aka Jessika’s enemy.

4. Cyrell Paule randomly kicks off at Ryan Gallagher?

According to New Idea again, Cyrell Paule accused Ryan Gallagher of having a fake romance with Charlotte Crosby on last year’s I’m A Celebrity.

We have no idea why, and this sounds very random without further context, but we think this one may actually also be true.

We’re told that Ryan supported Jessika amid her spat with Cyrell, making it clear which side he’s on.

5. Troy Delmege tries to get back together with Ashley Irvin?

Woman’s Day reckon that Troy was ‘open’ to getting back to together with Ashley during filming, and if true, we’re guessing this was completely staged by producers.

Not only has three years passed since their two month relationship ended, but they’ve become close friends since then and often hang out.

So, you know, if Troy did fancy giving things another go, it’s doubtful he’d shoot his shot in front of a camera crew… and the whole of Australia.

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