Cyrell Paule releases statement following Married At First Sight Grand Reunion backlash

Cyrell Paule releases statement following Married At First Sight Grand Reunion backlash
Married At First Sight
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Married At First Sight’s Cyrell Paule has defended throwing wine over Jessika Power and called out the negative response she has copped.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Cyrell questioned why she is being slammed for throwing a drink when Martha Kalifatidis was branded ‘iconic’ for previously hurling wine over her.

She also mentioned how Martha landed a spin-off show with Channel Nine last year titled ‘Martha’s Red Wine Moments’, yet she’s being trolled.

Cyrell Paule shared this statement following the Grand Reunion
Cyrell Paule shared this statement following the Grand Reunion

Here’s what Cyrell wrote:

‘So when a white woman throws wine … it’s considered iconic … and she gets a little show called “Martha’s Red Wine Moments”. But when a woman of colour does it, it’s considered “degrading, embarassing, uneducated and a terrible example of a mother”. I wish I had that much support when it happened to me.  Just remember this woman [Jessika], for two years called my son a publicity stunt, mocked my appearance, mocked my relationship. Imagine my son growing up and seeing that… feeling he was only created in this orld for money and publicity, but I’m the bad guy. You will never know the feeling until you are a mother yourself.’

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11 Responses

  1. Rory, Most people don’t care about Martha being Greek, Italian, or whatever she is, and it has nothing to do with Cyrell being Philippino, brown, coloured or Asian. It’s Cyrells aggressive abusive behaviour that gets most people’s back up. She threatens Jessika, gets so angry at all the time, at Dean, Martha, Nasser, Mike, even her husband probably gets a serve no doubt. Let’s hope the poor guy doesn’t. Because if she behaves like that Infront of her son all the time, that’s not fair on that innocent child.

  2. She’s 100%! Australia tv is pro white, very very rare they will show any people of colour! I watched both wine glasses incidents and Martha got away with it! Yet every 1s look on their face was screaming “brown trash !!! how could she” at cyrell. Clearly a lot of voices on here were not raised around mean, bulling, Aussie white bitches, I assume they played that role instead!

    Think I’m wrong… the last season barely had any1 of colour and this year they do but it’s not a focus to be included in the ads.

    Brown people whom are aussies r best suited for footy, singing competitions and selling undies…. only time u will see us. PS a single token person of colour on a show is not acceptable nor justification to prove me wrong.

  3. I don’t know where to start with Cyrells statement. Firstly using the colour card is absurd. She’s not coloured, she’s a Filipino/Asian. What’s going on has nothing to do with her race and no one even mentioned it.
    Saying, ‘Martha did it and ended up with a spinoff’ is once again just too ridiculous to even repeat.
    Jessika hasn’t been saying for 2 years that Cyrell’s baby is a stunt. That kid is a few months old and the term of pregnancy is 9 months. That doesn’t add up to over 2 years.
    Jessika has apologised about saying Cyrell’s relationship with Eden was stunt. What more does Cyrell want? Blood?
    Cyrell is worried what her kid will think growing up if he sees articles on her. . What about what she’s doing and how viciously she’s behaving? That’s more of a concern because it’s pure evil rage. Look at her face in the photos, and on TV at the Reunion. She eyeballed Jessika all night from the time Jessika arrived, to the time Cyrell threw the wine. Then she finally sat down and the rage subsided. (For the time being)
    Cyrell seriously needs to see a Psychiatrists.
    I seriously think Cyrell has mental imbalance and that kid is in danger and DOCS should step in.

      1. Hey Marni, looks like your the fu#kwit.
        Not only don’t you have the intelligence to comment in way that’s civilised, but your two words of stupidity are absolutely meaningless. What Shiftwork says is spot on. I think Shiftwork has covered most issues in one comment.

        Shiftwork, I’m completely with you all the way. Cyclone Cyrell uses the immigrant card all too often to get sympathy after lashing out. I’m over her and Innes and how they think they can get away with their nasty taunts. The media and TV channel should stop giving them air time.

    1. Just because people react differently to you doesn’t make it wrong his about trying to understand that it runs way deeper than what you see onTV grow up and stop being judgy………..

      1. It is VERY wrong! Cyrell’s violent aggressive behaviour is not acceptable. People here aren’t being judgy. They have an opinion. It maybe different to yours, but everyone is entitled to expressing their opinion.

      2. You might condone vicious behaviour in your home, but in this day and age people use words. Throwing wine and physically threatening people like Cyrell has done saying, she’ll kick Jessika from here to last week’, is very barbaric.

    2. “She’s not coloured because she’s Filipino/Asian”? So what is exactly a ‘coloured person” if an Asian person (dark skinned at that) isn’t a ‘coloured person’? 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
      You literally just wrote the dumbest statement I have read. 😂

      1. The apartheid-era Population Registration Act, 1950, and subsequent amendments, codified the Coloured identity, and defined its subgroups. Indian South Africans were initially classified under the act as a subgroup of Coloured.
        In other words, Asians are not referred to as coloured. They and brown skinned and coloured is used mainly for persons who are Indian South African.

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