Warning: This article contains spoilers

When it comes to placing bets on a pre-recorded Australian reality show, it’s very rare that Sportsbet and TAB get it wrong.

Which is why we’re pretty sure we know which two blokes win Elly and Becky’s hearts on The Bachelorette, thanks to their latest odds.

Ahead of Wednesday’s season premiere, both websites had the same two guys tipped to win, suggesting there’s been some kind of leak and rush of people betting on the ones they already know go all the way.

According to Sportsbet, Frazer wins Elly's heart on The Bachelorette
According to Sportsbet, Frazer wins Elly’s heart on The Bachelorette
TAB's odds also suggest Frazer is Elly's winner
TAB also suggest Frazer is Elly’s winner


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According to Sportsbet and TAB’s pre-premiere odds on Wednesday afternoon, Frazer Neate is set to end up with Elly – and Pete Mann with Becky.

Their odds across both the websites are so low it seems certain both of them will win.

Of course this is not confirmed, and may not be true, what do you think?

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Sportsbet are tipping Pete to end up with Becky
Sportsbet tip Pete to end up with Becky
As are TAB
As do TAB


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