Zoe-Clare McDonald emerged in Brisbane on Thursday following her Bachelor meltdown.

The passionate ‘ranga’ let her long red hair flow in the wind while walking her dog in a local park, appearing proud of her fiery locks after vowing to never dye them.

It comes after Zoe-Clare stole the show during Wednesday’s season premiere by launching into an emotional rant about being discriminated against because of her hair colour.


After co-star Areeba Emmanuel interrupted Zoe-Clare’s time with Locky at Wednesday’s cocktail party, the 23-year-old said she was ‘targeted’ because of her hair colour.

‘I don’t understand why out of everyone here, she’d pick me. Honestly, I get it. I’m the only redhead in the whole entire house. And the rest of them… I think the only colours are blonde, brunette, then there’s me,’ cried Zoe.

‘I think that’s exactly why Areeba is targeting me. Of course, the redhead. It’s just not appropriate. What’s wrong with a ranga? I’m sorry, do you want me to dye my hair every 10 seconds, I’m SO sorry but this is natural guys. This is not going anywhere!

‘I don’t care if you’re black, white, caramel, whatever. Ranga. I want to be here like, you know what – we can win. We can win because I’m not blonde. I’m not brunette. I’m not anything other than what I am. I’m not going to pretend to be. I’m me. And if he likes me, then f*cking awesome.’


Zoe-Clare’s rant lasted for a considerable amount of time, before she then missed the first rose ceremony because she had suddenly ‘fallen ill’.

Following the episode, her sister Rachael explained that her family warned her against appearing on the show, having predicted some kind of backlash.

‘It’s a show I actively avoid watching because of moments like this,’ vented Rachel on Instagram.

‘Although my sister’s behaviour wasn’t favourable, the ridicule and bullying she has received is so alarming. It truely shows the magnitude of peoples’ willingness to look the other way for a laugh.’

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