The Bachelor’s Bella Varelis said she’s happy Locky Gilbert didn’t choose her 😯

The Bachelor’s Bella Varelis said she’s happy Locky Gilbert didn’t choose her 😯
The Bachelor
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She was left heartbroken after being dumped by Locky Gilbert on season eight of The Bachelor.

And it seems Bella Varelis is now well and truly over the ex-Australian Survivor star, admitting she has no regrets over what happened and would never consider taking him back.

During a YouTube Q&A on Tuesday , the 25-year-old told fans she’s glad she wasn’t the last woman standing and is now happily single.

Bella explained that she was happy Locky didn't choose her.
Bella explained that she was happy Locky didn’t choose her.

The Bachelor finale when Locky Gilbert dumped Bella for Irena Srbinovska.

The Bachelor finale when Locky Gilbert dumped Bella for Irena Srbinovska.

‘I don’t regret anything. At the end of the day everything happens for a reason. I’m actually really grateful that Locky dumped me,’ Bella said.

‘Locky was just a big lesson for me. It was just the universe telling me this human isn’t my human, and it wasn’t meant to be my happily ever after, but it’ll happen.’

Bella went on to explain that despite being happy for Locky and Irena, if they were to break-up, she’d ever take him back, telling fans, ‘No, definitely not!’

‘After everything that Locky said to me, and for him to to not follow through with the relationship, I knew he wasn’t the kind of person I’d want to be in a relationship with anyway,’ Bella concluded.

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21 Responses

  1. Hey Mary,
    You are totally right. In recent articles she says, ‘she wouldn’t have him back if things don’t work out with Irena’. ( she never had him to start with lol) Now Bella is saying that if he picked her, she’d reject him.
    What Da?
    She’s been pictured with that guy Naseem ? from MAFS. looks like she photo bombs any photo that has someone in it that will make the gossip rags or online social pages.

  2. All good MG and Surfer Steven. I didn’t get to watch the season when it aired so i caught up on 10play recently. My god the last episodes was like watching Lord of the Flies- Bella would sooner have smuggled Irena with a pillow to have won Locky so to see her now say she would’ve rejected HIM was laughable. So sad to see so much vitriol from the runner up, so ungracious. And no-one called Bella out in the post show interviews for her multiple comments about Irena being a ‘manipulative little bitch’. I just found that appalling.

  3. Hi Mary,
    Please excuse my other half *Surfer Steven*. He works long hours and miss-read your sense of humour. I think he thought you were a fake ID. We’ve both read and responded to your comments on threads and are fans. 😘

  4. Mary, I’m so sorry. I read your previous comments and replied to you, but thought you were a different Mary.
    My apologies babe. 🤗

  5. Mary, Now I know you are Bella using a fake ID. How dare you say an influencer is right up there with teachers and nurses. Are you having a dig at Irena who is a TERTIARY EDUCATED, HARD WORKING, SELFLESS, DEDICATED, CARING NURSE.
    Sitting on Instagram faking it all day for followers using products isn’t a job and IS NOT HARD WORK and certainly DOESN’T involve skill, which larger percentage of people know Bella DOESN’T have. Unless you’re Jessika Power or someone like Jessika who is a well known influencer and has sponsors left right and centre, being an influencer doesn’t bring in enough money to call it a job. Which means HARD WORKING taxpayers are supporting Bella’s laziness and lack of ability to support herself financially and thus she wants to date A’Listers who have cash. (Her words in a recent article, not mine)
    Being on the dole is a pathetic excuse for anyone who is capable of working. There are genuine people who have been put off because of Covid19 and are really trying hard to get a job. Meanwhile, Bella prances around from beach to beach hoping to be photographed. You call that hard work and skill? You’ve lost your marbles. I feel sorry for you if you believe a single word of your drivel.
    You are sitting there covering for Bella/yourself when you should be out looking for a job. If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to catch some waves before I go to W O R K!

  6. Lol well she does have a job- she’s an Instagram Influencer. A lot of hard work, skills and dedication needed to do that job- more of those needed in this world. Right up there with nurses, teachers, etc, definitely.

  7. Hi Mary _ GG and Kasey make it so obvious that they are one of Bella’s minions or Bella/Bec.. Bella keeps popping up with nothing interesting to say but the same old, same old.
    Time for Bella to get a job and forget her 15 minutes of fame. (Having said that, She wasn’t famous, isn’t famous now, and will never be famous because of her nasty attitude to other woman she finds as competition.) She spoilt it for herself by being so cruel to Irena. So many people can work and have been put off because of COVID19, and here you have someone like Bella slacking off on the dole not bothered to get a job. I know people who were executives who are cleaning toilets now just to be out there working so they don’t have to be on the dole. Maybe Bella should clean toilets and then she will have less time for idol gossip.

  8. GG we’re all fans of the Bachelor/ Bachelorette show and if we think Bella made the show unwatchable because she’s a nasty piece of work we will say so.

  9. GG,
    Where does it say that people can’t comment multiple times. If you did your research, you’d see I comment on a lot threads, not just the threads on Bella. Once again, you must be related or Bella incognito to actually care enough yourself. Are you obsessed? I know I’m definitely not obsessed about Bella. She’s a nobody. Even if she was a somebody, I wouldn’t go for someone like her. She’s nasty, insecure to the point she started turning girls in the mansion against poor Irena. She lied and tried to con Locky in the garden by saying, ‘ Irena is saying things and I don’t want her to come between us’ Arrrh, Irena never said anything. Irena was mature and secure knowing her feelings for Locky ‘ARE’ mutual.
    Then Bella said in an article recently that she lied about how much she talked to Locky in the lock down. Good grief! That was the whole reason she was spreading rumours and continuously turning the girls and Locky against Irena. It was her all along making up stories and had the hide to blame it on Irena. What sort of person does that. It’s no wonder she’s so hated. Do you blame people for sharing their opinions when she keeps popping up in articles like she’s all innocent? That’s what these forums are for. You get opinions, both good and bad. All of Bella’s minions are out trying to paint a pretty picture of her but REALTY CHECK, we all saw what happened on TV. Run along back to Bella and concuct another story to get her online. Pathetic!

  10. Don’t get why all the haters keep reading and commenting on bella. If you don’t like why are you reading this in the first place. How sad for you @ Steve you even know who comments frequently and defends bella. You sound a little obsessed.

  11. OMG! Why is Bella’s mouth open like that? Is she catching flies or is that suppose to be sexy. Arrrh, definitely not the latter. It emphasizes her snorter and makes her nose look big. ( Oh yeah, it is big). Because when Pinocchio tells lies, his nose grows.

      1. Maybe a different ‘snapshot’ would be more appropriate. I thought I needed pingpong balls to pop in her mouth like you do wirh the clowns at the carnival.

  12. She’s trying to stay relevant, is all. A lot of what she says in mumbo jumbo and gibberish. Still maintain she won’t get the Bacherlorette gig as she ratings have plummeted this season and Bella made the last episodes of the bachelor unwatchable with her mean girl antics toward Irena. Just despicable and no one wants to watch that

    1. Hi Mary,
      Everything you say is 💯% spot on.
      Bella is trying to stay relevant and it’s about time she just moves on and gives up. Locky is with Irena and they look so utterly in love. ❤️

      1. Glad you got the drift, M.G. as there were lots of grammatical errors there from typing too fast. Yeah she can’t blame the edit because the fights were so off-putting and caused viewers to turn off the bachelor this season I’m sure. People just need to understand Locky and Irena are the same age and at the same stage in life and you’d wish them well. Happy to see more of them than an immature person like Bella.

  13. Here we go again. . Stalker Bella has yet another meaningless something to say.
    Bella says, ‘she’s not taking him back’. ??? Realty check, he was never hers to start with to say, ‘she’s not taking him back’.
    Delusional Bella saying she’s enjoying single life and yet she is photographed with guys left right and centre and now she’s pursuing a guy from Bachelorette. If she really wants to be single, then she should stick by her words and stop chasing every Tom, Dick and Simon. Obviously this is just a way of showing Locking she’s not bothered. But hey, if she wasn’t bothered like she’s trying to make out, then MOVE ON and leave Locky and Irena alone. She’s so transparent.

    1. The article says the interviewer asked her whether she would take him back, and she said “no, definitely not” she was just answering the questions that she was asked.

      1. Kasey,
        This is the second time you’ve responded in favour of that wannabe Bella. I’m guessing you’re one of Bella’s minions or maybe a friend, family member or the nasty girl herself?? Regardless of her answering a question or not, she NEVER was Lockys. Why didn’t she correct the question and why can’t she just let it go and move on? Pathetic!

      2. Kasey- You should tell
        Bella, ‘ Forever is a long time to be chasing a man who is in love with someone else’.
        Locky is with Irena and never was with Bella. It was a TV show, and like all the other contestants on Bachelor, NO ONE WAS WITH LOCKY, till he picked the girl of his dreams. He’s in love with Irena, who ‘IS’ the girl of his dreams. Look at all the pictures of them. They are beautiful together. They are so in love.

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