The Bachelor finalists (and Osher Günsberg) reveal if they’re Team Bella or Irena, and it’s all v confusing

The Bachelor finalists (and Osher Günsberg) reveal if they’re Team Bella or Irena, and it’s all v confusing
The Bachelor
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This season of The Bachelor has become less about Locky Gilbert finding love, and more about Irena Srbinovska and Bella Varelis’ feud.

They left the mansion for lockdown as best friends, returned as enemies and no one is quite sure why.

Bella reckons ‘manipulative’ Irena had been lying about her connection to Locky. Irena reckons Bella had been saying stuff about her behind her back.

Either way, none of it quite makes any sense.

So here’s what the people who were actually there, aka their fellow contestants and Osher, have to say about it all, plus whose side they’re on….

Team Bella

Izzy Sharman-Firth
Responding to a fan on Instagram last week who was slating Bella, Izzy hit back that they’re ‘just not seeing the full story’ and implied Channel 10 had edited scenes against her. Interestingly, her comment defending Bella was quickly deleted.

Steph Harper
Following her eviction, Steph told Now To Love: ‘There’s a lot of stuff that you don’t see between Bella and Irena – so much happened. I’ve had contact with the girls off the record and I’m aware a lot of stuff was said about Bella that wasn’t very nice, so I understand where she’s coming from.’

Everyone is v confused by Irena and Bella's fall out
Everyone’s confused by Irena and Bella’s feud
Team Irena

Osher Günsberg
Chatting on the Cocktails & Roses podcast earlier this month, Osher slammed Bella’s behaviour towards Irena. ‘”Friendship over” is something that you say right before the bell and you have to then go into P.E. Come on, man. We’re grown adults. You pay tax, you vote. Come on. No one says “friendship over”,’ he commented.

Kaitlynn Hoppe
Speaking to Punkee on Friday, Kaitlyn said: ‘My opinion is they had a fight in lockdown, it was something over text or a phone call. I think Bella maybe got jealous of Irena talking to Locky as much as she was. I think Bella had a plan and it wasn’t going to plan, and it blew up because Irena had a connection with him.’

Especially their fellow contestants
Especially their fellow contestants
Couldn’t care less

Juliette Herrera
It turns out we’re not the only ones baffled, with Juliette telling Punkee: ‘One minute I was Team Bella, the next I was Team Irena. Then I was just confused. I didn’t even know what the beef was about, because I got bored with it.’

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11 Responses

  1. craftydi – You are telling people to wake up and you’re sticking up for Bella. The producers do edit the show, but, it was obvious that Bella was out to get Irena. She even admitted it in her article on this website. She said, ‘I lied about how much I spoke to Locky’. That is the reason why she said to Irena in a tantrum, ‘friendship over, you’re a manipulative little bit*h. ‘She followed that rude behaviour by saying to Locky, ‘Irena’ is saying things and I don’t want her to come between us’. Locky said, ‘Bella she hasn’t said anything about YA’. Bella continued by turning the other girls against Irena. Who needs to wake up? I’m saying you do luvy.

  2. Bella seems to be quite immature. She’s dragged her friends into her drama, getting her mates to stick up for her. Friends are biased so can’t believe what they say. Bella also seemed to enjoy rubbing her “connection with Locky” in the other girls faces but became jelious when Irena developed a strong connection.

  3. I’m not really “team” anyone at this stage.

    But does anyone remember the first time Bella and Locky kissed at a cocktail party? It was right at the end of their chat – sitting on a couch. Irena seemed a bit disgruntled with Bella since then. And shortly after that it was lockdown. We don’t know what when on during lockdown. We only got a small snippet. So yeah, I’m a bit divided.

  4. I am team Irena because love the connection with Locky also I hope they get a happy ending.

    I am not a fan off Bella because I don’t know if I believe her if she did get a phone call or not.

    I’m not sure who stoodup and said friendship over
    But I am team Irena

  5. Osher commented on the one line that aired “friendship over”. Channel Ten wouldn’t allow Osher to comment otherwise.
    Kaitlynn admitted she didn’t know what the beef is over.
    Izzy and Steph (the only eye witnesses that have come forward) both say that the public have NOT been shown the true story and that Bella actually didn’t overrreact and that her actions (or reactions) were warranted.
    I’d have to believe Izzy and Steph

  6. Does EVERYBODY realise this show is sooooooooo edited!! Nobody really knows what’s going on. The producers of the show do what they like and depending who THEY want to look good….. well they then edit the other person to suit their means. Wake up all !!!!!!!!!

  7. Irena was the first to say their friendship was over. And that wàs due to jealousy. Has anyone seen her expression when Bella is with Locky. Psycho………. won’t last if he chooses her.

  8. Bella came across more bitchy than any of the girls in the end. Possessive and jealous and immature and boasted and made such a scene to imply irene is the problem. Grow up bella. You are quite evil for a petite pretty person. I’m hoping team irena has this if lachie is really looking for love.

    1. Very true. I would second demotion. She is a lady that can hold the world of Locky. She is not match to Locky’s personalities. She supposedly a manipulative participant there. They are actually there to wins Locky’s hard in a very nature way. Anyway, at the end of the day, If I were Locky. I will pick the girl who can walk with him for the rest of his life. But not with the girl to walk infront nor behind of him. Got it?. Irena is best for him.

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