Osher Günsberg aka the World’s Nicest Man has blasted Bella Varelis from The Bachelor

Osher Günsberg aka the World’s Nicest Man has blasted Bella Varelis from The Bachelor
The Bachelor
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He’s the level-headed host of The Bachelor who’s known to keep a healthy distance from the all the cat-fights and drama on the show.

But on a recent episode of the Cocktails and Roses podcast – Osher Günsberg didn’t hold back his thoughts on Bella Veralis during a chat with Bachelor alum Alisha Aitken-Radburn.

Alisha began the conversation by calling Bella’s behaviour from Thursday night’s episode similar to a 17-year-old school student.

But The Bachelor veteran slammed the 25-year-old for acting a lot worse than that.

Osher called out Bella for her childish behaviour on the show
This is the first time Osher has called out a contestant on The Bachelor.

‘No, no, no. This was straight out of a grade nine, little lunch conflict playbook,’ Osher replied.

‘Friendship over’ is something that you say right before the bell and you have to then go into P.E.

‘Come on, man. We’re grown adults. You pay tax, you vote. Come on. No one says ‘friendship over’’.

The ex-besties have opened up about their feud in a recent article in TV Week
The ex-besties have opened up about their feud in a recent article in TV Week

If you’re confused about what exactly Bella, and Irena were feuding about, so are we.

The general gist of it is: Bella called Irena a ‘manipulative little bitch’ for apparently lying about how close her and Locky became during lock-down.

Irena then said she hadn’t lied, in which Bella then responded: ‘I don’t trust you.’

And it seems since filming has wrapped, the ex-besties still haven’t had any reconciliation.

In a recent interview with TV Week, Bella and Irena opened up about their feud.

Although I lost a friend, I’m grateful it all got brought to the surface. It ended up being the beginning of some beautiful friendships with the other ladies that I’ll have for the rest of my life,’ Bella said.

‘I’m usually not one to allow petty behaviour get to me, but when someone falsifies stories, it tips me over the edge, especially when I felt she was using it as a way to get in between Locky and me.’

Irena told the same publication: ‘I’m absolutely devastated that we couldn’t continue with our friendship, but too much has happened.’

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7 Responses

  1. Bella is a spoilt little brat .. my grandkids behave better than she does. Not only is she manipulative but a trouble maker. I hope she gets kicked out of the mansion. There are other girls in the mansion worthy of Lockys love and why are the girls always drinking . The way they all behave sometimes is just atrocious and trashy

  2. Get rid of the show c o completely.
    Money wasted on ridiculous people.
    If they can’t find love with out a tv show then something is wrong.
    Money can be used for people who need it, cancer patients and children.
    Homeless and hospitals.
    Annoying are the continuous adds and plastic girls on screen.
    Bella is childish attention seeker and dumb.
    It’s all about tv..NOT relationships.
    It destroying the meaning of love..
    Can the show !

  3. Wow. I saw the other side of Bella. I used to like her but not anymore. She’s mean. What does she expect from the Bachelor? She’s not the only contestant. There’s so many of them. Who does she think she is? She’s attention hungry manipulator. So disappointed with her. Just s saying. I hope Irene wins. She’s so nice.

  4. Asher should just shut the fuck up…He thinks he’s king shit…He’s a slimy turd…Keep out of other peoples hassles on the show. :poop:

    1. John Starr,
      Are you for real mate? Osher is the host. If he thinks someone is out of line, he is within his rights to say something. If he doesn’t, the producers will.
      Bella was well and truly out of line. She lied, and in recent articles on this site she even admits to her lies. How can a man be with that sort of person. You’d always be wondering if she was telling the truth or manipulating her way to getting something she wants. Not my kind of partner. My Mrs is not like that. We have honesty and trust. It’s the foundation of a good healthy relationship.

  5. The whole batchelor & batchelorett franchise is just simply a joke. It’s not about finding love, it’s about who can get as much air time, who becomes famous influencer or who will go on the bloody island show. And for real get rid of the drunken cocktail parties. I’d you can’t hold your grog then drink water. Time for it to go away & out a slow train trip up in the screen….will be more interesting.

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