Will You Accept This Rose Penis?

In rather unexpected news, a naked video of The Bachelor Locky Gilbert greeting his friend by getting his wang out has surfaced on Instagram, and it’s exactly as we just described.

The bizarre footage shows Locky stripping naked and then laying across his mate’s bed in Germany, after flying halfway around the world to surprise him.

His friend then opens the door, sees Big Locky and Little Locky sprawled out and the pair share a long embrace. Yep, all while Locky’s still bollock-naked.

This is how Locky likes to greet his mates
This is how Locky likes to greet his mates


Locky actually posted the video to his own profile in September 2015, and it’s still on there.

‘Travelled to Europe to surprise one of me best friends,’ he captioned the clip, hashtagging ‘nudity’, ‘brothers’ and ‘epic’.

Give it a watch below, if you dare.


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