EXCLUSIVE Bella Varelis responds to latest drama with The Bachelor Locky, and it’s getting messy

EXCLUSIVE Bella Varelis responds to latest drama with The Bachelor Locky, and it’s getting messy
The Bachelor
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Two weeks has passed since Locky Gilbert chose Irena Srbinovska over Bella Varelis during The Bachelor finale, but the drama ain’t ending.

After Locky and Irena have made what many believe to have been subtle digs at Bella over the past few days, she has now responded.

Confused? Here’s what is going on…

The (blue tick) beginning

Instagram recently started giving blue ticks to this year’s Bachie cast, with fans confused why Bella got one and Irena didn’t – despite winning.

When asked why her page isn’t verified like Bella’s, Irena told Daily Mail Australia: ‘I haven’t even applied for it. I don’t really care about it. I’m not about being an influencer, just about being real.’

Many people believed this was a swipe at Bella, who has just signed with a talent agency; and Irena’s response caused a stir, although it may have been unrelated to the runner-up.

Side note: Good on Irena for not following the typical post-reality show route, not that there’s anything wrong with stars accepting any media opportunities that come their way.

Irena recently said she's 'not about being an influencer' after Bella's Instagram got verified and hers didn't
The drama started after Irena recently said she’s ‘about being real and not an influencer’ when asked why she didn’t have a blue tick on Instagram like Bella Varelis
Locky’s Bondi dig

According to Daily Mail Australia on Wednesday, Locky took a direct swipe at Bella while chatting with one of their journalists on Instagram.

When asked about his recent camping trip with Irena, he apparently laughed ‘we’re not too keen on the whole Bondi vibe, give us the mountains any day’ – after Bella has been papped in celebrity hotspot Bondi several times recently.

Bizarrely though, Locky shared a selfie in Bondi with Irena on Sunday, as they enjoyed the sunset together, showing he’s no stranger to the suburb.

Locky then said on Wednesday that he's 's
Locky then ‘took a swipe at Bella’ on Wednesday by saying he’s ‘not too keen on the Bondi vibe’ – where she has been papped loads recently 
Bizarrely though, Locky was in Bondi with Irena on Sunday having a lovely time...
Bizarrely though, Locky was in Bondi with Irena on Sunday having a lovely time…
Bella responds

We asked Bella if there’s been any drama with Locky since the show ended, that’d offer some kind of context to his Bondi remark, and she was as confused as everybody else is.

‘I’m unsure why they’re making references towards me and how I’m living my life, I have better things to do then make subtle digs towards an ex. I’ve moved on and so should they,’ Bella told The Wash on Thursday.

Bella tells us
Bella tells us ‘she’s moved on, and so should they’ when asked about Locky’s dig
The sponsored posts

Locky’s remark about ‘not being keen on the whole Bondi vibe’ and appearing to look down on the influencer scene over there is also confusing.

Since the show wrapped, he’s shared endless endorsements, spruiking a motorcycle brand, sporting company, clothing label and chain of luxury hotels in the past seven days alone.

Again, we see absolutely nothing wrong with anybody from a reality show ‘cashing in’ by accepting brand collabs and opportunities that come their way afterwards, but at least own your decision to do this… what do you think?

Interestingly, Locky has done more 'influencer' posts endorsing brands than any of his contestants since the show wrapped
Interestingly, Locky has done more ‘influencer’ posts endorsing brands than any of his contestants since the show wrapped
He’s plugged a motorcycle brand, sporting company, clothing label and chain of luxury hotels in the past seven days alone


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33 Responses

  1. Carol Cerlvias – They are 2 of a kind. Prancing around waiting for papers to take photos. There are so many *real* celebrities on Bondi. Why would anyone want to take notice of 2 wannabes who were on a reality show and *didn’t* win. 😆🤣

  2. Thank goodness Bachelorette has started. We don’t have to read any more cr@p about some of the contestants from Bachelor, like Maddy, Roxy, Bella, Laura and Bec.
    (I love reading about Irena, Locky, Juliette, Areeba and Izzy. More about Lianni, Paige, Nadine, Clare, Steph and beautiful Bel with the long blonde hair and big blue eyes. She was so kind, and definitely a stunning lady.
    The Bachelorette’s Elly and her sister look so down to earth and gorgeous. 🤗😘

  3. There’s more in life than the stash of reality shows! Well, unless there’s real talent – reality show is the answer for wannabes.

  4. You see that as a swipe? I’ve visited Bondi and I Live in Byron Bay because I love the beach. Bella obviously does too. By seeing give us the mountains any day , that means just that. They prefer the country mountains etc. But being in the city why not visit Bondi.

  5. Mars Virgo – OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG, are you serious or living in Bella’s world of fantasy and lies. Irena hardly lives in Lockys shadow. She’s a nurse, tertiary educated for years to be a nurse. Locky is some sort of adventure tour guide. So how is she living in his shadow. As for leaving Bella alone. They haven’t thought twice about her I’m sure. They just do their thing and Bella and Bec are trying their damn hardest to steal their limelight. But sadly Bella’s is looking the fool and has absolutely no self worth. If she did? She wouldn’t’ need to throw herself at the cameras to look like they want to hear what she has to say. Thus she dregs up the Cody story. I cant see her dad letting her have sleep overs for one night stands.

  6. Sour grapes Bella. Locky and Irena have looked extremely loved up and you’re hurt. You’re the one who has talked shit about both of them not the other way around. In addition you dated the guy for 3 whole months while he was dating 9 other women – hardly a relationship 🤣. You will never be the Bachelorette as no one would watch.

  7. Hey BJ,
    Your support for Bella the kid is quite endearing, but totally misdirected. in most of the ‘look at me’ photos of Bec and Bella the kid, they are holding phones. Walking holding and reading comments, laying on the sand holding phones, behind Locky in a photo holding a phone. They both live for social media and are probably replying to comments here, there and everywhere under a fake ID’s. Very appropriate for Fakes like Bec and Bella. Bella looked so surprised when Bec waltzed into the mansion as a late commer. Arrrrrh. . Bec is her flatmate. So don’t tell me she didn’t know she was going to be a late commer on Bachelor.
    Yet another lie on Bella’s part.
    neither Bella Bella or Bec have real jobs. They continuously walk the streets like working girls waiting to be spotted by press so the can get the mugshots online.
    Locky and Irena are minding their own business and doing their thing. Based on the all that i have read, they are really genuine people, have real jobs and are making a life with each other. like anything in this world. No one knows how that will turn out. They could get married and have a bunch or kids or move to Bali. All i know from what i read, is they are entitled to be happy.

  8. Bella n Bec are just wannabes..hey look at me..walking around Bondi in skimpy tops etc..yeah just like teens nit like a classy lady Irena. She..Bella…is a spoilt *kid* of 25 too immature n her answers to Locky showed that she could just see 3 etc mths ahead….
    Bec is just a toothpaste walking ad…but looks like she hasn’t gotten any ad jobs ..yet.. oh well..id rather be a Irena doing some real good and being happy n content not just cos I am being seen with a blue tick..who cares about that when you have someone whom loves you

  9. Omg it’s obvious Bella wants it shown (to Lock and Irena ) that she’s not thinking of them..that she’s moving on…but it just shows how she IS not…cos of she were she’d be privately moving on. We all know that the 1 thing you show alot of is the opposite of what you show. She’s as envious as hell and hurt it wasnt her. Irena is a lady that could not care about being out there but showing the world she’s with a man she loves and Locky picked the right lady for life ..not a current girlfriend.

  10. BELLA was all about (ME MYSELF I) only wanted to Win! Vain& conceited Not overly attractive. Daddy’s Little Girl. Spoiled & Inmature

  11. Omg the only fake people here are Irena and Lockie! They should not makes swipes lie that about Bella. She is just trying to get on with her life and move on. Irena and Lockie have really shown their true colours now. They are sooo arrogant!

  12. Sarah,

    Saying Irena is fake is ludicrous. Imagine if you ended up in emergency at any given hospital where the staff go out of their way to help you and save your life. . Would you still say she is fake, as she stands there helping you? She is hard working and doesn’t care about blue ticks according to this article and that doesn’t make her fake luv. Far from it.
    You are entitle to your opinion about Bella, but Do Not put sh#t on someone like Irena who is a hard working nurse. Our doctors, surgeons, Firefighters, Nurses, Police Officers, Army and navy personnel, and everyone else on the front line do not deserve to be disrespected in order for you to get a pointless comment about a nobody like Bella across. grow up Sarah!

  13. If I had a business and the bucks, I would definitely ask Locky to ride my bike and jump in my tent. . . To advertise it of course. LOL he is hot, hot, hot, Smoking hot.💥

  14. Bella is not fake Irena is, Bella’s been so open and honest on her bachelor journey listen too the life uncut podcast. Locky is Bella ex, a lot of ex bachelor contestants in the past have referred to ex bachelors as ex’s so I don’t see it as a big deal. You don’t see all that happens on the bachelor we only see a couple of hours out of a weeks worth of footage and lot of it has been manipulated for entertainment value. So don’t judge Bella when you haven’t met her or know her personally. Btw when Bella kissed locky at a cocktail party and Roxie has a tantrum, firstly lockie had kissed multiple girls that night secondly Irena was telling Roxie that she agreed with her and then went back to Bella and said a completely different thing.

  15. Marsvirgo,
    Talk about ‘crazy talk’.
    You say, ‘Irena and Locky should leave Bella to her own devices and let her be happy as they seem to be but can’t leave her alone I wonder why????’
    Arrrh, what a load of trash!. Post a link proving one single word you are slandering around. Irena and Locky *are* getting on with their lives based on the pictures and articles online. They talk about their lives progressing and moving in with each other. Not one word about that silly *girl* Bella. Who is busy with this guy and that guy talking it up about Cody and a one night stand. That’s not a good example for our impressionable teenagers. If she wants to be an *influencer*, then influence our kids in a positive way.
    Trust me, you will need proof of your slander/ defamation against Irena and Locky of they see your drivel and sue you. Comments can be traced by ISP addresses. What a load of BS you have posted.

  16. I’ve been to Bondi and have had photos taken but prefer more isolated locations. I think the reference made to Bondi has been blown out of proportion and Bella’s remark is testament to this pettiness.

  17. Marsvirgo,
    How funny are you? Friend of the conniving Bella are you? Trying to post positive comments to make her look good. It is as plain as day that Bella is FAKE! She admitted herself that SHE LIED ABOUT HOW MUCH SHE SPOKE TO LOCKY! W H Y? . . She wanted to win and didn’t want Locky to be with Irena. N O T because she loved him, B U T because she wanted an acting gig after the show and to increase her profile. READ READ READ her interviews before making false statements.

  18. Good on Bella for getting on with her life and they should get on with theirs Bella is not fake she’s more genuine than Irena will ever be living in lockies shadow I’m glad their happy but they should just get on with their lives together and leave Bella to her own devices and let her be happy as they seem to be but can’t leave her alone I wonder why????

  19. Locky Irena and Bella are lovely people Bella is a style influencer should just take all the positives that are coming her way she is so photogenic 💓

    1. Evelyn Charles,
      You are blind.
      Bella is fake fake fake. A manipulative, lying, nobody who can’t bare not winning. It wasn’t about love for her, it was about increasing her profile and being number one. Look at how she walked away at the end. She looked like she was hard done by. If she really loved him, she would have said, ‘ I want you to be happy, all the best.’
      Everyone walks away with dignity, not Bella. She threw a tantrum. As for being a stylish and photogenic. . Perrrrft! You are blind. She wears the same clothes that Bec wears, they obviously share each other’s stuff. Errrrk!
      Take more notice, Do your research before talking Shyte!
      Irena has class, with a capital ‘C’.

  20. I think that just shows how deep the feelings that she developed were though. Like it feels like he was an ex..

    They are both doing the same thing. He’s roaming about the mountains and putting it on Insta and she’s roaming around Bondi and doing the same.

    It’s not really fair to criticise her so harshly for it. When he’s doing it too – just in different setting

  21. What?! Bella calls Locky an ex, she’s fcking delusional. It was a reality tv show and you lost Bella, time for you to fade into the background.

    1. 100%… bella lost, go be fake in the real world bella!. Shes just jealous her ex besty beat her. Irena is a normal genuine smart educated woman and doesn’t need attention like bella does. Get over yourself bella

  22. Bella calling Lockie her ex is just . .
    . . *Another Bella ‘Pinocchio’ Varelis tale*.

    He wasn’t her boyfriend. He was the Bachelor and she was one of the contestants, N O T, his ‘girlfriend’. This girl is so deluded.

  23. More lies from Bella ‘Pinocchio’ Varelis. She’s done nothing but tell her tales online in interviews.
    Then Bella says she lied about how time she spent with Locky, now she says she’s moved on and why can’t they? They have moved on and look totally happy and in love.
    Bella needs help. She’s believing her own 💩.

  24. Yeah it’s very double standards. “Hook me up as always” (insert hand gesture here) as though he’s some a-lister that needs a new outfit for every event he goes to

    He shouldn’t be having subtle digs at anyone. Especially cause he’s doing the same thing.

    1. Locky can say he’s not too keen on the whole Bondi vibe, and prefers the mountains.
      It’s Bella the bit#h, that is continuously stirring trouble for Locky and Irena. She can’t help herself.
      Now the girl is calling Locky her ex!! What da? He was NEVER her boyfriend for him to be referred to as ex now. She’s walking the streets with her flatmate Bec in anticipation of being photographed to stick her hooter in the press so she looks like a star. Star my a$$. More like a$$ wipe.
      Get a bl@@dy life Bella.

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