EXCLUSIVE We asked Married at First Sight’s Amanda why she wants fans to pay for her Gold Coast move via GoFundMe, here’s what she said…

EXCLUSIVE We asked Married at First Sight’s Amanda why she wants fans to pay for her Gold Coast move via GoFundMe, here’s what she said…
Married At First Sight
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Married at First Sight’s Amanda Micallef started a GoFundMe page on Thursday asking fans to pay for her (and her cat’s) move from Melbourne to the Gold Coast.

The news was met with much criticism online, with many people saying they’re also struggling amid COVID-19, so we called Amanda to see what she makes of the backlash.

Here’s what she told The Wash….

‘I feel like my post was a target for everyone’s frustration. And because I finally put my hand up to ask for help, which I never usually do, people started saying I was a cheapskate. These people don’t know my life. I don’t talk about my struggles online. If anything I use it as a way to uplift everyone else but deep down there are nights where I will have a quick cry, I’m not showing this online. People think because you’re in the public eye, that you need to be perfect.’

She continued: ‘I have had that many personal struggles, I was living in my best friend’s property recently and was a target to her partner .. who was like the devil. I had to leave that property and now I’m staying with a good friend of mine. I am living out of boxes at the moment which I have never done. I’ve always been financially independent, but I’m so broken by this whole [COVID-19] situation, I have just run out of ideas to survive.

‘I wanted to use my platform as a way to be honest and speak to the people that aren’t nasty to ask for help. No I’m not living on the streets but me wanting to move to the Gold Coast because I have no chance of my business surviving in Melbourne I saw as a huge opportunity for me.  So to cop this backlash, I was dumbfounded! This is the society that we live in, it’s disgusting. They want to kick you when you’re down. 

Amanda finished of by giving the online trolls a piece of her mind.

‘You’re not a keyboard warrior, you’re a keyboard coward! Everybody needs to take a good hard look at themselves for picking on a complete stranger that has done nothing personal to them, and do they sleep well at night knowing that they have emotionally damaged a stranger? If the answer is yes, than they have to take a good hard look at themselves. It’s terrible.’


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9 Responses

  1. Just wondering how I find the GOFUNDME link where we can donate money to this young lady.

    I wish her the very best of luck in the big move and am happy to a sizeable donation.

    Good luck to her! Can anyone pop a link on here so I can transfer a few hundred dollars to her account? Times are a bit tight so that’s all I can afford right now but once my house sells I can pop more in for you!



    Gerald Lawrence

    1. Why would you bother giving her money. Lots of genuine Australians are struggling. She’s on Centrelink and should manage with that. You sound like a generous person, but, If I was you? I wouldn’t bother. Read her words above. She says, ‘we are disgusting’ (her words). She’s backlashing at people who are commenting. She needs to save like everyone else.THEN MOVE!

  2. You’re right, she can sell those expensive jewellery’s and clothes like everybody else when want to move, selfish brick..lol..

  3. Take a look at yourself Amanda! Do you think you are the only person struggling/effected by covid. She’s an absolute selfish, narcissistic fool! If people want to donate to a good cause, this ain’t it!

  4. Selfish narcissist who I now have nil respect for .
    She is not homeless unlike so many victorians who have and many more continue to lose everything from this virus .
    Walk a night in in the shadows of many suburbs in Melbourne and see how tough it is for people out there who through no fault of their own are homeless, hungry and cold.
    Shame on her for using her short time on MAFS where she came across as controlling to set up a go fund my selfish move to the Gold Coast🤬

  5. Yeah, still call BS!
    New nails, nice bling, very nice jumper. We all want out of Victoria, she isn’t that hard off and those donating are fools.

  6. Seriously what a typical narcissist.
    What furriated me was the fact she is asking hard working Aussie’s, all of whom are all facing their own struggles to pay for her cat to fly to QLD while jangling her manicured blinged out hands around.
    Throwing off asking people to look at themselves she is showing her true personality, she put it out there for the world to comment but doesn’t like it when people didn’t agree with her decision.
    She is asking for a hand out during hard times because she isnt coping, hello most of Australia are struggling.
    She is a narcissist in the purest sense of the word.

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