This year’s Married At First Sight cast are statistically less popular with viewers than participants on the previous two seasons.

As season eight entered its fifth week on Sunday night, we’ve compared the cast’s Instagram followings with how many the season six and seven stars had by this point of the experiment (aka 17 episodes in) – and the difference is big.

Back in 2019, by the time the 17th episode aired at the start of week 5, four season six cast members had over 100,000 followers and the episode pulled in 1,659,000 in the overnight ratings.

In 2020, Cathy Evans was the only season seven cast member to boast over 100,000 followers by the start of week five, with the 17th episode pulling in 1,184,000 in the overnight ratings.

Yet on Sunday, this season’s 17th episode was down in the ratings, attracting 1,116,000 overnight viewers, and no cast members are anywhere near 100,000 followers.

Peep our little charts below….

Here's how many followers this year's MAFS cast have after ep 17 last night
Here’s how many Insta followers this year’s MAFS cast have after ep 17 last night
And here's how their numbers compare to last year's cast at this point
And here’s how their numbers compare to last year’s cast at this point
And then the 2019 cast...
And then the 2019 cast…


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