Warning: This article contains spoilers 

There’s currently a theory floating around that Married At First Sight’s Samantha Jayne Harvey may now be dating intruder Liam Cooper.

And it kinda checks out, but also makes no sense.

Since December, the pair have been doing plenty of Insta flirting, and seemingly hanging out – but as Liam joined the show after Sam left, technically they shouldn’t have met until the reunion in Feb.

So here’s the very confusing timeline to everything below, along with our over the top analysis:

There's a theory going around Samantha is now dating intruder Liam...
Comments like this have fans thinking Sam is now with intruder Liam
The timeline:

October 17: Sam left MAFS and returned home

October 28: Intruder Liam moved into the cast’s apartment building with new wife Georgia

November 19: Liam randomly started hiding his face from paparazzi and trying to avoid being snapped, suggesting he’s in the middle of some kind of scandal on the show after three weeks?

November 24: Sam returned to MAFS to film a Girls’ Night (just like the cast did last year), and met Liam’s wife Georgia and the other intruders

[She wouldn’t have met Liam as he would have been on the Boys’ night and producers purposely keep the groups apart, especially so returning participants don’t cross paths with their exes]

They've very flirty on Insta
Since December, they’ve become very flirty 
But the timeline is v confusing
But Liam joined the show after Sam had already left in October, so we’re confused

December 18: Liam commented ‘such a bad ass’ with a love heart eyes emoji on Sam’s Instagram video riding a scooter… random.

[FYI filming wrapped at the start of December, so you’d assume Liam now openly flirting with other women means he’s no longer with Georgia? It’s just unclear when he met Sam, and how…]

January 26: Sam posted a picture near some horses and Liam commented, ‘If you went riding and didn’t invite me!’ Sam responded, ‘Same to you’ – with Liam adding, ‘You always invite ;)’.

[This interaction strongly suggests they’ve been hanging out together, presumably riding horses, which is a mutual interest of theirs?]

Towards the end of November, Liam started hiding from paparazzi
Towards the end of November, Liam started hiding from paparazzi
And acting like there was some drama going on with him on the show
And acting like there was some drama going on with him on the show
But Sam arrived to the reunion in Feb alone, not with Liam
In Feb, Sam arrived to the reunion alone, tellingly not with intruder Liam
But producers had her film a big entrance scene, as if she was going to drop some bombshells
But producers had her film a big arrival, as if she was going to drop some bombshells

January 31: Liam commented ‘are you single?’ on Sam’s selfie, with her responding, ‘mate that’s something that you will have to find out’

[The flirting between them is now next level]

February 11: The reunion is filmed in Sydney, but Sam arrived on her own rather than with Liam

[It’s worth noting that Sam looked nervous before walking onto the set, perhaps because she was about to drop a bombshell? The storyline would be similar to Tracey and Sean on season five]

March 7: Liam posted a video singing in the car (below), with some fans believe the woman that can be heard in the passenger seat is Sam

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