After gradually losing 20kg last year before her 50th in December, Married At First Sight’s Mishel Karen is proud of her body and feeling incredible.

She recently commemorated her newfound confidence by posing nude on subscription website OnlyFans, before then celebrating her sexuality by sharing a self-pleasure video.

However, the private content has since leaked, with many people, sneering at Mishel for being so confident and unashamed, prompting the reality star to speak out about the negative response.

Mishel Karen is being shamed after her OnlyFans content leaked
Mishel Karen is being shamed after her OnlyFans content leaked

During an interview with The Wash on Sunday, Mishel questioned why she is being attacked and asked why sex is such a taboo subject in 2021.

‘This is my choice, why does it matter what I do with my body? It is just a vessel. If people want to see what I do with [my body] – who cares. Why are we so uptight about it? People are shaming me, especially the media, for selling images of myself and saying I’ve “fallen from grace”. How is this a fall from grace? I don’t understand. My daughter says to me, “Why don’t you care so much?” – but I just don’t. The people saying this stuff obviously haven’t been enlightened like I have. Hopefully the younger emerging generation can sense it, feel it and experiment it.

‘The media tries to suppress people when it comes to being sexual and our bodies, but it has to be so fluid that everyone – every gender, whatever you identify as – can just be open and talk about these things. It’s not something that you have to be ashamed of. Someone said to me, “You’re a very sexual person but you still have morals”. Why should I not have morals if I’m sexual? How are they separated from each other? All these older people are basically saying “sex is bad” – why?

‘Kids are growing up not understanding their own sexuality. They’re feeling sexual but also feeling ashamed. It’s natural, you have an urge, you have sex and then move on with the rest of your day. Don’t feel frustrated. It’s just like every other part of your life, going to work, going to the shops. Why can’t it just be that natural?’.

'This is my choice, why does it matter what I do with my body?' she tells The Wash
‘This is my choice, why does it matter what I do with my body?’ she tells The Wash

Discussing her OnlyFans content leaking across Married At First Sight fan pages, Mishel said it is a breach of her copyright and both OnlyFans and Facebook are investigating this matter.

After first joining the adult platform last year, the reality star added that she was initially just doing ‘PG content’ but after recently losing her job she decided to share more revealing imagery on there.

She concluded by revealing she is planning an OnlyFans collaboration with her former co-star Hayley Vernon, who is popular on the platform, and the pair will be posing for a lingerie photoshoot together sometime soon.

Mishel found fame on MAFS in 2020 alongside ex Steve Burley
Mishel found fame on MAFS in 2020 alongside ex Steve Burley

In an Instagram Live on Saturday, Mishel discussed the response to her OnlyFans further.

‘I’m really happy with my own body, I’m happy with my own sexuality. If someone thinks it is embarrassing to show your body – that’s their own problem. If the media is trying to [suggest] that we shouldn’t show our bodies, or that our sexuality is wrong, then that is a social problem. It isn’t my problem. I just want to make it very clear that it is inappropriate for people to be sharing [my] content, and then slamming other women. I think that’s just something that is not kind.

‘We are looking at body image, we are thinking about how we see ourselves, how we see other women. When we do that, and start putting each other down, it’s a reflection of society and not very kind. We want to lift each other so we can shine each others tiaras – not dent them. I urge you not to go down that pathway. Be kind and supportive, rather than cruel. None of us have a perfect body, but we have a perfect body for ourselves.’


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