Warning: This article contains spoilers

There’s now just two weeks of Married At First Sight left, with Channel Nine pushing out a dramatic trailer for the final batch of episodes on TV approximately every 0.3 seconds.

And if you’re wondering which couple are set to call it quits next, and presumably leave during Monday’s final commitment ceremony, it seems they’ve accidentally just revealed that.

In a bit of an editing fail, the 60 second teaser features clips of all of the couples either at an upcoming dinner party, getting ready for their final vow ceremonies or having some kind of drama – except for one noticeable pair.

Booka Nile and Brett Helling.

The trailer only featured them at the final commitment ceremony, suggesting that’s when they leave the show?

Although their ‘marriage’ is pretty much already over by this point, it seems their little reconciliation during last Thursday’s episode didn’t solve their problems and they’re next to go.

That’s our theory anyway. Watch the trailer above, then watch Booka perform her Brett song below…


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