Married At First Sight’s James Susler left ‘wife’ Jo Todd speechless during Sunday’s commitment ceremony after joking he was in love with relationship expert Alessandra Rampolla.

He then chose to leave the experiment, she chose to stay, meaning the couple had to then spend another week together.

Anyway, back on October 17, the day after filming the awkward scenes, we actually stumbled upon Jo venting about James to co-star Brett Helling outside of the cast’s apartment building.

And she wasn’t happy.


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Here’s what we could just about overhear:

‘I feel his [inaudible] out of hand now because he wrote leave. Where as if I’d written leave, there goes his ego, there goes his power, there goes his control. So he knew that I was gonna write stay … The way he talks to me, he’s like, “Jo, Jo, [inaudible], Jo, come on Jo”. I wanna say, “Don’t fucking talk to me like that”.’ 

It looks like there’s going to be plenty of drama this week, with James and Jo at the centre of it.

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