Jessika Power’s split from ‘Filthy Fil’ just got very messy, but there may be some good news

Jessika Power’s split from ‘Filthy Fil’ just got very messy, but there may be some good news
Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight’s Jessika Power has split from Filip ‘Filthy Fil’ Poznanovic after four months together, and it’s all getting a bit messy.

She says she feels ‘so lost’, he reckons she’s ‘not what I expected her to be’ and now Jess is single again, she may become The Bachelorette 2021.

Here’s everything that is going on…

Filip shared a statement

In a few online posts, Filip alluded that Jessika being friends with some of her exes caused issues for them – but then backtracked and told Daily Mail Australia he ‘didn’t mind it’.

‘We agreed to end it mutually and not be nasty. Jessika has a good heart and she’s an amazing friend, but as a partner she’s not what I expected her to be. I love her and I’m still in love with her. But I’m not going to let love blind me, because she’s “famous”.’

Jessika hit back

In a lengthy Instagram Story, Jessika initially suggested Filip was more focussed on boosting his rap career than loving her.

‘I allowed him into my home. Nursed him back to health after he broke his leg, allowed him to live rent free, fed him, lent money etc. He wants to be nasty on Instagram and has always only ever spoken about his “rap” career and how many followers he’s gained from being with me. I should have seen it for what it was before it got to this but it seems I have a bigger heart than most.’

Jessika gets emotional

In a second, more reflective, post, Jessika revealed the emotional toll the split has taken on her so far, as she now feels ‘so lost’ without Filip.

‘I’m sitting here, doing a face mask, having some rosé… thinking, “What the hell do single people do on the weekend?” Because, like, I don’t know what to do. I’m so lost. I look insane with this mask as well. I’m sure single people don’t upload videos of themselves talking like this either … We are not defined by our past failures or mistakes, they set boundaries on who we are on how far we can go and how deep we can fall. But more importantly they set a boundary on what not to be repeated, because our past mistakes make us who we are and this set back will only teach me to be kinder, more emotional, speak up more but also to not fall so fast or allow my heart to be hurt so easily.’

Jessika for The Bachelorette?

We caught up with Jessika at a fashion launch in Sydney last week before she’d publicly announced her split from Filip, and asked if she’d consider doing another dating show now she’s single.

We held the quotes because it felt a bit weird running them until she’d told fans about the split. But, here’s what she told us when we asked about becoming The Bachelorette:

‘Filip and I have been having a few issues, but we’re trying to keep our private lives private for now. There are a few things that have come out in our relationship as a couple that we don’t agree with. Look, if I can’t make things work with my partner now, I’m open to love and I want love. I want somebody who I can settle down with and start a family with, it’s all I’ve wanted since MAFS. So yeah, I 100% would [become The Bachelorette].’

If Jessika doesn’t bag The Bachelorette, it seems extremely likely she’s going to get snapped up for another dating show – most likely overseas.

She recently turned down MTV’s Ex On The Beach as she was still in a relationship with Filip, so watch this space…


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