Married At First Sight’s controversial sixth season recently started airing in the UK, and is currently taking the country by storm.

And unfortunately for Ines Basic, she’s now finding herself the victim of death threats, online abuse and trolling once again as her ‘affair’ with Sam Ball airs on the other side of the world.

However, this time around she isn’t going to lay low and let it get her down, and has offered the perfect response to angry UK viewers instead.

Ines Basic and Sam Ball's affair is currently airing in the UK, and causing a stir
Ines Basic and Sam Ball’s affair is currently airing in the UK, and causing a stir
She's joked that she's actually 'a nice girl' and hopes Queen Elizabeth is watching
She’s joked that she’s actually ‘a nice girl’ and hopes Queen Elizabeth is watching

‘I’ve always wanted to go to England but I don’t know if I ever will now as I might get f***ing stabbed,’ Ines laughed while speaking to British publication The Sun Online this week.

‘I want everyone [in the UK] to know I’m a really nice girl, at the time I was just close-minded and it was all filmed two years ago. I couldn’t even be that person again if I tried.’

Rather than focussing on the negative response from some viewers, Ines added that she hopes Queen Elizabeth is watching her from Buckingham Palace – as well as Victoria Beckham.

‘I love the idea of the Queen sitting down [watching MAFS] in the palace – or the Beckhams. I’d love to be in Victoria’s friend group. I promise I’m nice,’ she concluded.

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