REVEALED Some of the MAFS cast have a bit of history together, and they kept that quiet

REVEALED Some of the MAFS cast have a bit of history together, and they kept that quiet
Married At First Sight

This year’s Married At First Sight couples sat down for the first dinner party together during Monday’s episode, and all met for the very first time.

Or so we thought.

It turns out that not only did some of them know each other prior to filming, but half of them have connections to previous stars of the show.

Here’s who we’ve managed to connect so far:

Booka Nile and Jake Edwards

These two first met in early 2020 when Booka’s Sonic Minds mental health project partnered with Jake’s Outside The Locker Room charity.

In June, three months before filming started, Jake even interviewed Booka via Zoom on his YouTube channel, and they became good friends.

As far as we’re aware, they never actually met in person prior to MAFS, as they connected virtually during lockdown, and nothing romantic ever happened between them.

But you never quite know with this show…

Cameron Dunne and Sam Carraro

Sam mentioned that he ‘knew Cameron from back home’ during the dinner party – but failed to elaborate on this.

We’re told that Cameron actually has no time for Sam, and once even sat Coco down and told her his thoughts on what Sam is like back in the real world, which caused a bit of drama.

Cameron and Jessika Power

As soon as filming for the show wrapped, Cameron left Melbourne and moved to the Gold Coast – and shacked up with Jessika, and her brother Rhyce.

Cameron responded to an add Rhyce posted online advertising their spare room and then moved in. Rhyce has since left, leaving Cameron, Jessika and her boyfriend all under the same roof.

Jason Engler and Davina Rankin

It turns out Jason is mates with season six star Davina, and they’ve hung out in Brisbane.

Davina has previously tagged him in a few Instagram Stories while out drinking, alongside her partner Jaxon Manuel and other mates.

Bryce Ruthven and season 7 cast

Prior to getting on the show himself, Bryce regularly interviewed last year’s cast on the radio.

He then struck up friendships with the likes of Michael Goonan, who he would host Instagram Live chats with on his personal Instagram account – rather than the radio station’s.

Bryce Ruthven and Nasser Sultan

Last year, Bryce turned to Nasser for advice with his application form for the show – with Nasser then guiding him through the process.

Nasser recently shared a screenshot of one of their conversations to the Daily Mail.

Beck Zemek and Aleks Markovic

These two know each other from Perth, and Aleks has already been sharing her support for Beck on Insta after the show premiered last week.

James Susler and Stacey Hampton

According to reports, James and Stacey were partying in the same Melbourne venue recently – but it’s unclear if they knew each other prior to this.

Slide into our DMs at @TheWashOnline on Instagram if you know any more!

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