A debate between Jessika Power and Dayne Beams sparked a discussion about influencers during Monday’s Big Brother VIP – and whether it’s seen as a legitimate career by most people.

After wondering if she’s lost followers whilst filming the show so far due to a lack of new content on her account, which will affect her earnings, Jessika’s concerns were instantly dismissed by Dayne.

Instead, he said the social media app was just to ‘scratch her ego’ and failed to show any support for her as a young businesswoman, who supports herself financially through her content.

Read Jessika and Dayne's chat about influencers below
Read Jessika and Dayne’s chat about influencers below

Here’s how the exchange went:

Jessika: I want Big Brother to tell me how many followers I’ve got on Instagram, if it’s gone down or up. I reckon it’s gone down because I haven’t been posting…

Dayne: Ugh, who cares?

Jessika: Um, me – because it’s my income.

Dayne: [Sarcastic tone] Awww

Jessika: Awww, who cares about your paintings or whatever because that’s your income, right?

Dayne: It’s just to scratch your ego, that’s all Instagram is.

Jessika: No it’s not, it’s my income – it’s where I earn all of my money. So… I don’t sit here and bag out what you do for work.

Dayne: When did I bag out for you did for work?

Jessika: [Mimics what Dayne said about Instagram being for her ego]

Dayne: That is not ‘bagging out what you do for work’ .

Jessika: Well it sounded condescending as hell and rude.

Dayne: No it doesn’t.

Jessika: Yes, it does.

Dayne as Jessika then walked out of the room: Someone looooves their Instagram.

After witnessing the encounter, Ellie Gonsalves later reflected in the diary room: ‘Sometimes guys can just be so unaware, [and] that just didn’t sit well with me.’

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