If there’s one thing that Ciarran Stott is not, it’s shy.

The 26-year-old Bachelor In Paradise star celebrated his newfound freedom following the show’s Sunday night finale with a shirtless run along Port Melbourne Beach on Monday.

He was joined by two lucky ladies as he raced around, one of which may or may not be his current girlfriend. It’s hard to keep up with his love life, if we’re being honest.

There’s a theory currently floating around that he’s in a relationship with Victoria Rowlatt.


Ciarran was hard to miss even before taking his shirt off.

He styled his cropped pink hair with an florescent yellow jacket, Nike running tights and an adorable little doggo.

After exercising, Ciarran put his face mask back on, adhering to Victoria’s current requirements.


During Sunday’s Paradise season finale, Ciarran and Kiki Morris left the show together.

However, Channel 10 provided a brief update informing viewers that they failed to make it work.

‘Ciarran and Kiki returned home as a couple and tried to make things work. Unfortunately, within weeks, he ended the relationship. She has not heart from him since,’ a title read.


After the episode, Kiki shared a statement about their split to Instagram.

‘Following Paradise, Ciarran moved to Sydney and for the most part of those 2 months things were really positive. It’s unfortunate our relationship didn’t work out the way we wanted, and we are no longer together,’ she wrote.

‘I wish him nothing but the best, and hope that he’s grown from this experience like I have. Always look forward and never look back! Thank you for the amazing outpouring of love and respect I received from the other cast, the crew and all of Australia. No Regrets (no, really) The experience was definitely worth it as I have a new understanding of myself and the real love story here is how proud I am of who I have become.’

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