Um, it seems Bella Varelis and Adam Todd have got a secret thing going on

It looks like Adam Todd may not become The Bachelor 2021 after all, despite saying he was down to do the show just several hours ago. During an appearance on The Project on Thursday night, the 24-year-old admitted to sharing some flirty messages with The Bachelor’s Bella Varlis, and hinted at a future romance. ‘There […]

Turns out it’ll cost you $6,300-a-night to live like a Bachelorette

Channel 10 spared no expense when it came to filming Elly and Becky’s season finale of The Bachelorette back in September. The network splashed out $6,300-a-night to rent Sweven Estate for the sisters, which is known as ‘Australia’s most iconic luxury farm stay retreat’ and situated on 141 acres of spectacular scenery on the banks […]

Here’s what is apparently going on between Becky, Elly and their Bachelorette winners

As approximately 98% of you know by now, Pete Mann is strongly rumoured to be Becky Miles’ Bachelorette winner, and Frazer Neate is rumoured to be Elly’s. There’s been endless theories and evidence recently suggesting that both couples have split since filming the finale in September, so here’s the latest on that…. Only scroll down […]

These pap pics of Elly Miles after The Bachelorette finale have caused a lil plot twist

Warning: This article contains potential spoilers Following the never ending rumours that Elly and Becky Miles have split from their Bachelorette winners, this new set of paparazzi pics is about to cause even more speculation. On September 27, shortly after filming the finale, Elly was pictured back home in Newcastle, and what she was doing […]

Rumoured Bachelorette winner busted DMing another girl on Instagram

Warning: This article contains spoilers Things aren’t looking good for Elly Miles. Continuing on from the current theory that she’s split from rumoured winner Frazer Neate since filming their Bachelorette finale in September, a leaked Instagram direct message now has people more convinced than ever that this is true. A screenshot of Frazer messaging another […]

Elly and Becky Miles hint at wild Bachelorette finale theory in Sydney

The Bachelorette finale is just two days away. And as rumours swirl that Elly and Becky Miles have both already split from their winners, the sisters fuelled the wild fan theory further on Tuesday afternoon while out in Sydney. Despite being guests of honour at a star-studded Melbourne Cup party, the pair arrived late, left […]

Frazer Neate is officially over The Bachelorette and doesn’t care who knows ?

Elly and Becky Miles’ The Bachelorette finale is now just days away, with both of the women down to their final contestants on the dating show. And rather than the remaining guys gushing about the potential of spending their lives with them in their last round of interviews, as they do every year, Frazer Neate […]

Here’s why Shannon Karaka returned to The Bachelorette after getting dumped

Earlier this week, The Wash published pictures of Shannon Karaka returning to The Bachelorette mansion on August 31, days after Becky Miles dumped him and just before the finale. In the paparazzi shots, the star was seen arriving at the mansion with several suitcases and a producer, fuelling speculation Becky changes her mind and asks […]